To those who build walls

DSCF2174I have never seen
the fluffy snow,
the meandering rivers,
the undulating deserts,
the towering mountains,
the dark depths of the oceans,
the carnival of northern lights.

In short,
I haven’t yet
stepped out of my pond.

Some day I may.

But the walls they build –
they worry me.

What if, when I’m ready
the walls are way too high?

I have never seen them.

8 responses to “To those who build walls

  1. But when one is ready it does not matter how high the walls are.. They can be easily jumped over….

  2. This made me smile wide when you said:
    ‘In short,
    I haven’t yet
    stepped out of my pond.’ 😀 I feel the same Bindu!! I haven’t seen most of those either, haven’t travelled anywhere significant for many years. Your feelings are totally understandable – excellent poem, it is a worrying thought as those walls build. So good to read a new one from a favourite lady!! 🙂

    • Glad that there are people like me out there. 🙂 But Suzy, if you have the chance to do it, just do it.
      I have always wished to be a backpacker. But the incidents from around the world are horrifying and disheartening – what if the borders and the procedures become too rigid preventing people from travelling around? We should all step out before it is too late. The Himalayas are beckoning me! I should muster the courage to leave the comfort zone of my pond. 🙂 Thank you, dear!

  3. Bindu, you are welcome to visit me in the USA any time! And if we come to a wall, no worries…I can almost always find a door or window to climb through! 😀

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