I hate him –
the rigid precisionist
who axed the climax
of my thriller dream.

I tried feigning sleep
but the unkindest cut
was too loud, fatal,
leaving me ‘clueless’!

Now who will tell me
what happened to me
after I came out of
the palace-cum-barn-cum-mountain?





8 responses to “‘Alarm’ing!

  1. hmmmmmmmmm .. that is harsh

  2. Nice 🙂
    after a point you don’t even need to hear it but you feel it’s going to go off and your sleep is completely useless isn’t it?

  3. Haha… yes, alarms are all very rude and terribly precise, not caring at all about what they interrupt. And dreams are very like movies sometimes. I have on a couple of very rare occasions been saved by a nightmare… that’s when the alarm is my very helpful friend!! 😉

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