Each time I see my profile pic
And an inviting blank space
Below each and every post
By those unknown ‘post’ers,
My heart starts pounding –
How should I comment on…

the lady who made dosa today,

the girls who had cupcakes and selfies,

the boys who tried beer and adventure,

the man who stood beside a Rolls Royce,

the activist who was infuriated,

the journalist who was ‘enlightened’,

the teacher who came across

another meme that resonated,

the business man who hosted

another dinner for the celebrities?

My material soul utters scornfully:
Loser, it’s your turn to impress.

3 responses to “Comment

  1. WOW Bindu, I love this! BTW you need not be harsh with yourself…you always impress. Most of all by being yourself. ❤

    • Not that I try to or want to impress. But comments column wants us to comment on each and every post by every unknown person. I find it so funny.

  2. Can be hard to know what to say sometimes, or at least to get right what we intended to say. I certainly don’t mind if people don’t comment. I think there’s a real art to commenting, and very difficult to teach someone who doesn’t know how to get it right. I’m sure you leave the most lovely and thoughtful comments Bindu… you always do on mine, which is very much appreciated. 😊

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