In search of goodness

Of late being under the spell of minimalism I am trying to bring it into my posts too. My posts? Yes, another attempt to come back after yet another tough year of losses!

I am in search of the simple joys of life.

Well, this is the plan. Being a teacher I get to know and experience a lot of interesting situations at school. They may not be special or even significant, but they are the stories I enjoy sharing with my family every day. So in the days to come I wish to post them for all those who happen to be here.

Hope you will enjoy them too.

10 responses to “In search of goodness

  1. Hi Bindu!

    It is so nice to “see” you back blogging. I hope you are doing okay, all things considered.


  2. Glad to read that you intend to start posting again. Waiting to read your always interesting posts!

  3. Hello bindi, welcome back and I’m sure your writing will bring you much inspired fulfillment and guide you on your magnificent life x much love barbara x

  4. Yes, I think we do like them too!! Talking about what you know and experience is worth far more than fictional poetry or stories. Sharing our lives with others, that is the essence of what blogging has always been about, and still is. There are some very dreary blogs out there that recycle articles from other blogs and websites by paraphrasing, talking about subjects they know nothing of. They are countless, and pointless. I find them all very depressing, that anyone would be so empty headed to feel the need to fill their blog up with meaningless posts with pointless information. So when I read blogs like your own, I’m refreshed and find faith in people again. Your posts are always good for the soul! Great to see you posting again Bindu! 🙂

    • Hi Suzy! How are you? I am an ordinary person and so are my experiences. Glad to know you find my stories interesting. Your words inspire me a lot. Thank you!!
      I had checked out your blog and was curious to know what is happening because I couldn’t find any new posts. Hope everything’s fine.

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