We Obedient Women

I hate these feminists, by the way-
Irrespective of their gender-
Who profess equality of sexes.
Ridiculous. Impossible!

Haven’t we been told
How impure we are
With this dreadful fertility
And the mere sight of us,
Which can axe the celibacy of gods
Or with that unused blood of life
Which can be sacrilegious?
We are threats even to gods.
(Or, are we really mighty? Nay!)

We entice the otherwise divine men
Into all sorts of evils.
Refer the epics.
Curse be upon you
Eve, Draupadhi, Sita,
For such gory history!
And WE bear the yoke, to date.

Now that men have promised us
Separate places of worship
(And soon separate worlds?)
Let’s be gratified
And not make life miserable
For our men, the men
Who save us, protect us,
And safeguard us

6 responses to “We Obedient Women

  1. What a brilliant poem… I totally agree!!! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only woman who doesn’t like feminists! Feminism is such an illusion and probably designed to keep the divide between men and women well and truly alive, not make them equal at all. It’s often said we must erase sexist bullying that goes on in the workplace… well yes, fine, don’t overlook bullying in the workplace… but it should be for men too. Men are bullied by other men… this is rarely talked about as something that needs dealing with. And there are many women who are huge bullies of their male and female colleagues… this is often not highlighted either. As a result a lot of bullying still goes and on and sometimes lives are utterly wrecked by it.

    And then there is international women’s day… oh no… do we really need a day to celebrate women alone… and why only one day? Why not celebrate people, all humans who need each other, recognise their differences and embrace those differences instead of trying to force a certain way or thinking.

    I’d hate to be a man in this life as it is today, they must feel they can’t object to feminist ideals for fear of appearing sexist if they do. It seems the situation has reversed from the way it was many years ago when men ruled women. It appears to be so hard to create a balance. A balance would be perfectly achievable… if only certain people weren’t meddling with that balance.

    So good to see another great and truthful piece of writing from you Bindu!! 😀

    • Thank you, Suzy!
      But I have been sarcastic. This is based on a religious issue that has been burning for quite some time here.
      How goes life there? Should catch up..

  2. What a depressing scenario it is in God’s Own Country these days 😦
    Btw, I am a feminist, but you already know that! Yes, I got your sarcasm.

  3. There are feminist and people who think they are feminist. Feminism is about the believe that values and rights should be equal among men and women, but not the same.

    It is very important to understand the difference between equal and same. A woman at times is superior to man in her mental strength and her ability to take care of the entire family irrespective of the day to day pressures she is subjected.
    And a man is superior to her in physical strength and the protective attitude he has.

    So feminist pretenders should admit the differences and strive for the equality in rights and values rather than stupid imitation of the opposite gender.

    This is my view on feminism but not on the current scenario (past), Iam not in a position to comment on in it it is a mixed case sex-equality and religious values so it is hard to comment on it without appropriate knowledge.

    And about your poem, Madam as always you protrayed your views in a sarcastic way without hurting the feelings of those to whom it is aimed at.


    • Thank you, Ihjas, for taking time out to read my poem.
      Yes, they are not same, but they do deserve equal rights. I am totally against discriminating women based on their physical peculiarities over which they have no control over.
      Hope life is great over there.

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