Windows and messengers

Her post inspired me to look
out the window
And enjoy the greenery.
So I did look – knowing
No treats awaited me.

Ah! Sky! Cloudy,
Not the sign of an impending rain,
They say the roaming choppers
Chop the pregnant clouds
To save all the million-dollar constructions.
Some say they are ‘poisoned’, aborted.
Anyway, they seldom deliver – anything!

Ah! The next apartment block,
where our ‘neighbours’ live.
The windows shut forever
never frame any face,
because they had given up long back.

Ah! The narrow empty space
around our building,
Where a garden could thrive,
Where we could have some benches.
But all I can see are the ghosts
Of the industrial sewing machines
Abandoned by the cobblers all around.
Sometimes I hear the cats,
but today no cats even.

Now, reluctant to surrender,
I repeat the exercise.
Ah! Two pigeons on the neighbour’s A/c unit!
They are not green,
but they are at least full of life!

Julia, did you
send those messengers for me?

I wish to believe you did.
So, thank you, dear!

6 responses to “Windows and messengers

  1. Bindu, hello! I was not directly responsible, but the One who hears our prayers was. 🙂 My actual landscape is green and beautiful just now, but the inner one is desolate. How I wish I could bring you here for even one day– we could take that walk I have dreamed of– but for now, I send it to you again…
    Meanwhile, I shall entreat divinity to present you with more pleasant vistas, even if only in imagination. Thank you for being you and blooming wherever you have been planted…

    • 🙂 Thank you, Julia. Yes, I actually decided to look after I read your post. And I dedicate the scenery to you, although it is not that heartwarming. 🙂

  2. Love the way the words flow

  3. Ahh, how lovely that thought is! In your bleak view two birds sent by a friend…. I love the thought of that…. I’m sure they were! 🙂

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