What? Which?
How? When?
But, what if…?

The next moment
is obscure,

I weigh harder.

At last,
I go for it!

What if…?


Face it!





4 responses to “Decision

  1. Always love reading your poetry because you are so truthful and straight to the point – like this one! Yeah, questions and what if’s can drive us crazy sometimes. And to think the stress is largely coming from nothing but a thought pattern….if only the positive thought patterns were as powerful! Or perhaps they are, but we just don’t see that. Oh the things we could create, if we just believed a bit more in ourselves! 🙂

    • Are Librans good or bad at making decisions? Anyway being one I am too bad at it. Decision-making kills me at times. Why can’t we think of and visualize some positive outcome? Decisions can have both good and bad consequences, and the only way out is to face them boldly.
      Thanks again, Suzy! Your words always mean a lot for me. Keep visiting and motivating!

      • I have an aunt who is a Libra, and yes, she is bad on decision making too. I’m not that much into star signs myself, never have been, but there could be something to them,. I’m Aries, and supposed to be a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop’ so the saying goes, in decision making. As much as I would like to say that’s just not true….it is often true!! 😀 Yes, the negative does seem to win so much, the positive struggles! Oh, I will keep visiting, I always enjoy your writing. I just hope your breaks are not so long next time…I really missed your intelligent creative writing. Like minds connect well, and it’s hard to find those like minds sometimes. Please do keep posting my dear creative friend!! 🙂

      • Sure, Suzy, as long as I have wonderful readers like you. It feels a lot better when our words are read by someone who really cares. Your words are greatly appreciated.

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