Dear Wilderness,

DSCF1962Can I be
out there
with you
all alone – just
you and me?

As the night murmurs
I shall listen peacefully.

Proud to grasp
the wind’s whispers,
I may nod calmly.

The fragrances,
queer and exotic,
sweep past

And thus,
as the music
of the trees,
the wind,
and my soul
swirls and merges,
I live
I truly live.

8 responses to “Dear Wilderness,

  1. beautiful wilderness

  2. Just looking at that photo helps me feel peaceful!

  3. Aahh, this is beautiful…there might just be someone who I could feel like this with too – if only I was a little closer to where they are right now…if only! 🙂 I can feel this poem…so enjoying reading your poetry Bindu! I’m very tired at the moment, and normally when I feel that bad, concentration is difficult for me, but your poetry is so crystal clear, and has such feeling, even the most sleepy person’s mind in the world (which is mine right now!) can easily relate to what you have to say. I adore poetry like this!!♥♥

    • Your words have made my day. Glad that you could read, understand and enjoy this. Nature in any of its moods is always an inspiration. The photos bring back the memories and desires and imagination do the rest. Thank you very much, Suzy!

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