At this point

I start wondering –

What have I done?

Have I been doing it right?

Is there an undo option?

Can I start all over again?

Where are the roads?

Through the gloom I grope around.

They say there is light at the end

But for me seeing is believing.

I am waiting for my albatross.

Or have I already killed it?

Am I being plagued by its spirit?

2 responses to “Crossroads

  1. You have a lot on your mind at the moment it seems, or perhaps this was written at time when you did? Oh, have just read about the albatross…interesting, have not heard of that before. I’m sure you haven’t killed it, and probably never will…your too wise a woman to do such a foolish thing, or allow superstition to control your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Just worries… What if the ‘albatross’ goes unrecognized? Not being superstitious, just symbolic. I have been teaching the Rime of the Ancient Mariner for so many years now and each time I approach it with different interpretations. Thanks a lot, Suzy, for taking time to seriously read and comment.

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