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We Obedient Women

I hate these feminists, by the way-
Irrespective of their gender-
Who profess equality of sexes.
Ridiculous. Impossible!

Haven’t we been told
How impure we are
With this dreadful fertility
And the mere sight of us,
Which can axe the celibacy of gods
Or with that unused blood of life
Which can be sacrilegious?
We are threats even to gods.
(Or, are we really mighty? Nay!)

We entice the otherwise divine men
Into all sorts of evils.
Refer the epics.
Curse be upon you
Eve, Draupadhi, Sita,
For such gory history!
And WE bear the yoke, to date.

Now that men have promised us
Separate places of worship
(And soon separate worlds?)
Let’s be gratified
And not make life miserable
For our men, the men
Who save us, protect us,
And safeguard us