Thank you for the Inspiration

Awards – they always bring home the heartwarming messages of support, love and concern. This one too.

Rules to this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell 7 things about yourself that will not have come up in your blog entries.

3. Pass it on to 7 blogs you find inspiring and explain why.

Part I: Thank you!

Once again I should thank my dear friend Elyas (Kweschn!) for including me in the list.

These C’s will best describe him – Compassionate, Considerate, Candid, Creative. Now that is enough to make you visit his blog, if you haven’t done that yet.

Part II: The seven things

1. I am a Libran – queen of indecision.

2. I am a ‘middlest sister’ : Eldest one is Papa’s pet and youngest one is Mama’s. So what about the middle one? The maid’s pest. [Not really 😉 ]

3. I am a strict teacher : In spite of the ardent prayers of students and staff, I rarely avail leaves of any sort. 😉 “Neither stones nor prayers nor sticks, Insults or complaints or bricks could still my determination”.

4. I abhor lies (I don’t mind them white or noble, but can’t tolerate the ones through the teeth) and liars : Accuse me of lack empathy, but I have never heard, from anyone, a genuine reason for lying.

5. Something that I find hard to refuse : An offer of sweets.

6. My worst fear : What if I sleep like a log for 24 hours at a stretch and wake up to realize that I have lost a full day from my life?

7. My wish(just one of them) : To die when I am still healthy enough.

Part III: The inspiring bloggers

1. Amira: Blessed with the talent to spot poetry in almost everything, and she says, “i am who i am … with a smile, no matter what.”

2. Bikram: A concerned citizen, thereby a popular blogger who says, “I am Me basically”.

3. Judy: Her words and pictures are full of affection – one who “believes in being a life-long learner.”

4. Munchow: Photographer par excellence who “seeks to expand his vision, both visually and technically.”

5. Nancy: You’ll sure find enough tips for business and life.

6. Tito:Part time philosopher, part time poet and wannabe (already a good one) author..”

7. Usha: Versatile writer, wonderful teacher – “An eccentric rambler on life’s lessons and mercies.”

Of course there are many more. Here are just a few more of them:

8. Elizabeth

9. joshidaniel

10. kwrites

11. niki 

12. Shail

They are just a dozen of writers whose blogs and comments inspire me. Congrats! And thanks to all the other bloggers who awe me with their beautiful blogs.

26 responses to “Thank you for the Inspiration

  1. You are welcome Bindu! 🙂 A well deserved award! Congrats! And congrats to the new receivers! 🙂

  2. Hi Bindu,

    Thank you dear friend for the mention. I’m glad you find my posts inspiring. You are such an inspiring person too, your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher.

    Happy blogging!


  3. Thank you Bindu so much for adding me to your inspiring bloggers list! I’m very happy to know my blog inspires you. I can say the same thing about yours. It’s a pleasure to read your posts. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats Bindu! Stumbled across your blog and like what I see 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your award and thank you for the mention! You are an inspiration too. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the mention Bindu 🙂

  7. 😀 Thank you Bindu for this amazing award. Inspiring is a new tag for me. 😀
    Coming from a teacher, that is a huge honour.
    Going to be smiling all day 😀

  8. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.. first of all congrats
    and this is such a honour you think I deserve this tooo .. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you so much

  9. wow Bindu 🙂
    what a lovely thing to say about me 🙂 so really humbled 😀
    thank you for the award.

    Amen to your wish … as I must said before, that’s also one of mine … to die healthy 🙂

  10. Bindu! Oh my…you are so very kind! I’m teary-eyed reading what you said about me. Thank you, dear friend. Thank you for the award. I’m humbled. And I feel very blessed to receive this from you. Congrats to you for receiving the award in the first place! 😉

  11. Being a teacher is a lifelong quest to be inspiring – congrats on your award!

  12. A belated congratulations with the award. And a belated thank you for passing the nomination on to me. I am sorry to be this late, but the last couple of months have just been crazily busy, and I haven’t been able to catch up with everything. Your blog certainly deserves this award. You bring so much smile and a positive attitude with all your posts. Again thank for the nomination, it’s an big encouragement, and also an opportunity to reflect a little bit.

  13. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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