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Throughout history there
have been religious wars…
the ultimate oxymoron.
Some of the bloodiest,
most cruel wars have been
opposing groups of the same religion.

How is it that we can preach
love, then kill others? And
before you puff up your pride
that you have never killed,
remember your harsh words,
unforgiving spirit, your
judgments, your greed, for
killing another’s spirit
is the ultimate slaughter.

Religions have often practiced
elitism, my group is better
than yours, bigotry, racism,
hatred for minority groups

This poem is not anti-religion,
quite the opposite, what I’m
saying, folks, is that if we
believe in one loving Creator,
then, because we come from that
Source, we must be loving, too.

My God is a God of Love. Period.
This is makes my “religion” very
simple. Am I acting from a position
of love, of compassion? This is
my yardstick for “right and wrong.”

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7 responses to “Bigotry

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I love the photo that goes along with it.

  2. Wonderful words to live by, Bindu…thanks for posting.
    (I got mixed up and left this comment on Source of Inspiration’s blog.) Then I went on to her Leaving post, thinking it was yours and commented on that. Yikes.

  3. This great example hopefully touch the heart of human being ,excellent work my friend 🙂

  4. Sad but true… 😦

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