Given up grumbling
And taken up yearning.
Yearning for the impossible.
Wait a minute – impossible?

My body is weighing me down.
The weight loss didn’t help,
The dropping BMI doesn’t satisfy.
I now relate better to the anorexic.
Not just a size zero,
but only zero weight would gratify.

The vast universe is calling
But with this demanding body –
a liability – how far can I go?
I don’t care about eating,
cleaning, rest – I’ve no time!

My soul, too enormous,
has been squeezed into this fragile form
Where he chokes, frantically knocks,
And moans in distress.

I beg him to wait
till I’m done with my chores.
Till tomorrow? Next year?
Till my kids have grown up?
I don’t know!
But he is in misery, he signals.
Every earthly moment kills.

The universe is calling!

I dream of blending in with it
Feeling its infinity with each atom.
Atom? Or just energy?


The universe keeps calling,
My soul is desperate
Awaiting deliverance!

5 responses to “Yearning

  1. The very thought of our souls being disturbed by the body it’s in is alarming, but I guess it happens a lot for one reason or another. Don’t fade away my dear, make time to eat something good. 😐

    You really should have your poems in a book, they are that good, I’m sure readers would identify with so many of your honest thoughts! 🙂

    • This thought started disturbing me after watching a Ted Talks show by a scientist who suffered a stroke and had almost a near-death experience. We think having a body is the ultimate joy/pleasure but what if it’s otherwise?
      You are so kind and generous. Publishing a book would be a wonderful achievement. (And you are the second person to suggest that.) That suggestion itself is a great honour. If that would happen someday I would send the first copy to you. 🙂
      Thank you very much, Suzy!

  2. At least you know he’s yearning and have at least acknowledged him!

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