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Human Anthem

(Why do we feel WE are always right? So who are the THEY, who are never right?)

My Country (right or wrong) is always the greatest!
Beyond the borders you keep on conspiring.

My Religion is frequently targeted
You try to affront us with blasphemies.

My Family has inherited all values and knowledge
While you people are unrefined, sticks-in-the-mud.

My Gender (esp. in certain roles) is often ‘manhandled’
You insolently join hands with the offenders.

My own Self is the paradigm of all virtues (incarnated so far)
While you are the embodiment of all evils (fresh from hell)!

See! In the end I am all alone, to run the gauntlet,
The malicious Society constantly picking at me.

Ironically, my country, my religion, my family, my gender –
Nothing ever sticks up for me.

Where do I belong to?

Excuse me! This monotony is sickening,
Shall we……
                     ……. change sides, for a better different view?