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The way in which I am sustained miraculously

In Love

Falling in love
So late!
Better late!

Was gravitation responsible
In any way?

It was there all along
Only that they ‘fell’ in it now.
They had been too rigid and smart
To ‘fall’ into that humble, heavenly pit.

Now, being more flexible,
The pit can hold them.
They have mellowed

So what about their form,
Their identity?
Who cares!

For the time being
They are two jolly good fellows.
That’s all they know,
All they need!

Not again!

You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget.”
Cormac McCarthy, The Road

“The only thing faster than the speed of thought is the speed of forgetfulness.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

It happened again – ending up in one more embarrassing episode.

Before that, over to some flash back. Once I was introducing a new teacher to our staff. I had already started from one end when I caught sight of my friend, one of the senior teachers, sitting at the other end, to realize with horror that I could not recollect her name! I had two options before me – either avoid her or ask her name secretly. The consequences of both would have strained our relationship. I frequently glanced at her as I nervously performed my duty, giving myself enough time to rake through my brain. Thank God, by the time I reached her, the name struck me and I heaved a sigh of relief.
That was eight years back. Now my system is older and thereby slower.

 The latest setting is the dentist’s office. The doctor was concluding the third session discussing the fate of my teeth. There came the fatal question. ‘Which toothpaste do you use?’

BOOM! System error!

In the next moment my screen went blank, as if under the ambush of some unknown bug. What is the name of the toothpaste I use every day?!!

Desperately I enabled my search engines, though, as it always happens during emergency situations, the operation was annoyingly slow. I could visualize everything – the tube of toothpaste among my toiletries, the colours on it, the racks which displayed that brand at the supermarket, its ads on TV, the gift hamper of the same product we got recently… but strangely everywhere its name seemed blurred. What a catastrophe!

I prayed for a miracle – let the phone ring, or let someone knock at the door, or at least erase the question from her! 

The doctor might have read my thoughts before she asked, ‘Is it the name of your toothpaste that you are trying to recall?’ Sluggishly I nodded.

I could hear my heart pounding surmising her thoughts – ‘Is this patient illiterate? May be she brushes rarely. No wonder her teeth are infected.’

 ‘You do brush every morning, eh?’ What can be more humiliating to a person who prides herself in the amount of time spent daily on dental hygiene? Even though I said I do, from her mischievous smile I inferred that she hadn’t swallowed my word as such. You can rightly forget the name of any other product but that of your toothpaste, the first branded thing you take into your hands on any day.

The revelation that should have dawned on me heartlessly switched sides and unveiled itself to her. ‘Is that C*****?’ Exactly! Incredible! Oh Memory, this is not fair.

Short term memory loss has vexed me many a time during the exams. Straining  my memory only worsened the condition. And once out of the exam hall, the misted answers would easily surface, but in vain!

But dear Memory, the current event is defamatory. Well, I will always bear this in mind, if you are generous enough.

I absolutely don’t believe in anything. Full stop. Including luck.
Al Alvarez

The Last Few Seconds of a Young Man

And in the next moment everything went blank. He sensed the severe pangs of solitude – for the first time in his life, and that was more than his flesh and blood could stand. Adding to his misery, his acumen didn’t seem to work.

Bewildered, he mistook the ordeal for his Doomsday. As if in a trance he shut the doors to faith, while the shutters automatically lifted up to the heights of unnerving fears. Even the last ray of hope had abandoned him.

He couldn’t call to mind the green pastures he came from  – the hilarious occasions at home with his brother, the kind words and the appetizing dishes of his mother, the reassuring looks of his father, the moments he spent in cloud nine with his friends, the compliments from the colleagues, the track of his glittering achievements… Alas, nothing came in handy to alleviate his distress…

The tall wall in front obscured his vision and soon his brain. He neither looked up to see the blue sky that canopied him, nor looked down to see the warm earth that bolstered him. He didn’t bother to see the twittering birds on one side, the fluttering butterflies, the capering crickets and the swaying flowers on the other. He couldn’t get a glimpse of the thriving future that was in store for him – thoroughly overwhelmed by the enormity of the deceptive wall. He did not, or was not in a position to, deem the scores of possibilities.

Had he uttered a word to someone! Had he tilted his head! Had he merely taken some rest!

No miracles happened. Instead..

He just gave up….

His father whimpered, “I could have helped him take a detour!”

His brother grieved, “I could have assisted him to climb over the wall!”

His mother wailed, “I would have carried him in my arms all the way round!”

His friends mourned, “We would have pulled it down for him!!”

After all, just a WALL it was…

Nothing Impossible. *Conditions Apply.

When did you recently become frustrated? Later did you try to dig out the reasons for that? 

There is nothing impossible – for people like Napoleon. Sky is the limit for them. But for ordinary human beings, with all sorts of limitations, a lot of conditions apply. It is always good to do some profound research into our own selves before we leap. That will save us from ending up frustrated.

Recently I came across a wonderful quote by Rabindranath Tagore. I think it answers many of my quests regarding the root causes of frustrations.

Everything comes to us that belongs to us, if we create the capacity to receive it.  

This is how I interpreted it. (I hope Tagore would excuse me if  I have misinterpreted or overstated his words.)

  1. Things will come to us (only) if they belong to us, (only) if we deserve them. If I aspire to be a singer without the inherent talent, I toil in vain. 
  2. We should do our best to fulfil our ambition. God helps those who help themselves. Desire – Hard work = Greed, Failure.
  3. Sometimes even after exerting ourselves we don’t immediately achieve what we dream of. Why? Man proposes, God disposes. God must not have approved of our dream. Have full faith in His plans which are always far-sighted. He has His own genuine reasons for providing or not providing us with something. Face up to it. However, what is delayed need not be denied. Patiently wait to seize the next chance.
  4. Finally when we attain our goal we should be ready to accept it and take it to the maximum possible heights. No looking back.


In more familiar words, don’t bite off more than you can chew. And once you have bitten it off, chew it properly, or else you will suffer from the worst kind of indigestion. If I commit myself to posting daily or weekly to my blog (though I really long to do that, like many of you), you would often have to frown at the blank days or weeks on my calendar. 

So, are your goals realistic and practical?

Are you fully willing to do your best to achieve them?

Will you be ready to change your tactics in case of initial failures?

If your answer is a big ‘YES’, don’t hesitate even for a minute.


Good luck!



It was one of those busiest days. Too many teachers on leave, and those many substitutions to be made; above all the school was to close in two days for Hajj vacation – and I was completely tied up.

After the first five periods with my nose kept to the grindstone, I was to attend grade ten. Without any breakfast I was starving – worsened by my rigorous morning workout. By the time I could ‘hang the dead albatross round the mariner’s neck’ (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner), I was tired out and almost ready to collapse any moment.

The harsh reality that the following period too I should again struggle with a dull story for grade nine really distressed me. Going to the canteen for some refreshment would make me late to class. After the period I made up my mind to have at least a glass of water from my room.

As I greedily grabbed the bottle I heard a knock at the door. ‘Come in!’

It was my colleague. She had something with her wrapped in tissues. I asked, ‘Yes teacher, what’s that?’

‘Hey dear, here’s some pizza. It’s hot and fresh. Come on, have it now itself.’

‘I should. Thank you.’

That might be the most sincere thanks I ever expressed – straight from my heart.

What more should I say about the One who is always there with me in my dire needs!!