Tell me your secrets

I could hear Wind roaring
In languages unknown to me.

It was lonely –
Lonely as the cold desert!

Sometimes loud and scary
At times silent and creepy.

I could feel
His dry tears of loss.

I was weather-beaten,
And my brain – tired!

I tried and tried
Oh, but Wind
Never let me
Know his secrets!

5 responses to “Tell me your secrets

  1. That wretch, the wind, he comes by and teases with his secrets here too!
    Then I think, I have plenty, too, don’t I? I’ll let him keep his, today 🙂

    Lovely poem, Bindu!

  2. That was beautiful, reads like a classic poem.. wow!! 🙂 I think I know a man like that… the dry tears of loss, explains a lot sad people I know.

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