She readily agreed to get into the Barnie costume.
May be she enjoyed it, may be she just did it
without even second thoughts.

She stood out in that pretty purple – in every way!

Did/could she actually see
the twinkle in the eyes of the kids,
the surprise on the teachers’ faces,
all the smiles that she induced?

Just a costume could do all that!

Still, we hesitate to make the faces bloom.
Why? Shy?
Ashamed of looking silly?
The anonymity involved is not worth it?

Thank you, Lamis!


4 responses to “Unashamed

  1. I know a costume can do all that, I used to do drama a lot when I was young, and a costume, if you believe in it, can make you someone else for a little while. I would love to see the costume!! 🙂

    • Actually I forgot to ask her. Most probably, next week. Thank you, Suzy!

      • Ah… the costume!!!! What fun that looks… and so bright too!!!! 😀 It reminds me of when I played the dragon in a school play of Shakespeare’s George And The Dragon. I had a very colouful costume (lots of rainbow coloured foil paper sewn on in scales) and a large dragon head made from cardboard and paper mache, then painted. I looked impressive, but not at all pretty! It was quite an experience for a very shy eleven year old girl. I couldn’t believe my teacher had given me the part, I was horrified!! But it turned out the most amazing fun time… I learned so much… and that acting is not all about being beautiful. Those experiences give us a lot of confidence as we grow. We wouldn’t be the same without them. Thanks for posting the picture, and I’m glad I remembered to check! 🙂

      • Your memories are still so vivid. I appreciated the girl’s attitude and even gave her a gift. She was so glad.

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