Digital Parting

They smiled,
Shook hands
Bid good bye
All to the camera,
And for the camera!

The digital brains
Brimming with images, memories;
The real brains and hearts left to starve
Craving images, sounds, feelings, touches-
The neglected, wasted senses.

Who cares!
We are all busy
‘Acting out’ our lives.

16 responses to “Digital Parting

  1. So true! Indeed, it does seem that most of us nowadays are just “acting out” our lives instead of actually living….

  2. Very good point, I think so many are doing that very thing. I’m glad I’m not into a whole load of selfies as so many post on their blogs or Facebook/Twitter pages. I think there is such a thing as too much fake smiling, not being real – like you said ‘all for the camera’ – ugh, not the way I like to live at all!

    Lovely to see you posting again Bindu! 🙂 I hope life has been treating you well?

    • Thank you, Suzy!
      I liked your question.:)
      Life has been treating me fairly well. And if I have any reason to feel it the other way, well, the problem must be with my attitude.
      In one of the other replies I was saying these days comments from readers (like you) remind me that I do have a blog. Thanks, again.

  3. So true…..we live to please others…

  4. Hi maam, I am here..Happy to be here again :)…Nice poem and wonderful creativity 🙂

  5. ‘Show-off’ culture 😦

  6. Nice post! I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. Please visit the following link to find out more details. Congratulations!

  7. Bindu, you have been so much on my mind lately. I have had very little time to read the blogs I love most, but I just had to visit your page this morning to see if there was anything new since the last time I visited your blog months ago. I was delighted to find that this post. This is a powerful poem; you are a gifted writer. I hope this comment finds you and your loved ones doing well!

    • Hi Julia!
      So glad to hear from you. And thanks a lot for your kind, inspiring words – it’s so nice to know that someone from the blogging world thinks of me. My life has changed a lot over the last two years. Fortunately we are all fine, in good health, and I count that as the greatest blessing. 🙂
      Had to (temporarily) give up blogging after my laptop got damaged. Have a lot to write, to share. Shall soon check out your blog. Have been doing that now and then though I didn’t comment on them.

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