Waiting: Story 2

Occasion: School assembly – World Environment Day .

Anchor: Coming up next, a group song by H and party!

Well, that would be a relief. We were intrigued too – environment day… song? Soon H and ‘party’ were on the stage – H in the middle and two girls each on her either side. H had on many previous occasions entertained us with both her solo and group performances. And it began –  another typical school group song. The main singer, H, started with a song that did justice to the topic of the day. Her open, bold voice was a sure entertainer. Thus it went on.

So far, so good.

But soon the song ceased to ‘entertain’. H was still singing, but ALL ALONE, yet to be joined and supported by the chorus. It was almost half way into the song, but there was no sign of it being a ‘group’ song. We could no longer pay attention to H’s song. The other four girls stood rooted, perplexed, like the audience who by now were impatiently waiting for the other four to open their mouths. After all why were they there? What was their role? Were they simply accompanying H? Or did they forget their lines? Did they suddenly give up their plan to sing? Was it some kind of a sweet revenge on H? Was it the ultimate WE Day prank?

Within minutes the group/solo identity-confused performance was over. They were courteous enough to thank the patient audience before leaving the stage. Mesmerized by the nature of the performance, even the grade one students (most sincere applauders) forgot to applaud.

*   *  *

I knew the answer would come my way, and it did, shortly afterwards. H and party dropped by with the explanation. Yes, it was actually supposed to be a group song. They had all learned the lyrics. But due to lack of time they could not get a rehearsal together. The poor chorus had no idea when to take out their lines. And thus it ended up a solo! We had a good laugh.

Ever since, the English teachers of the school are found to be using this example for the Third Conditional (Gr.):

If the girls had practised the song together they would have ……… 🙂 

21 responses to “Waiting: Story 2

  1. Aahh, what a disappointment! Lessons will be learned there, on making sure to rehearse well before presenting it an audience. They must have been very embarrassed. I wonder what would have happened though if they had just gone with the flow and improvised, it might have been quite interesting, and they may have surprised themselves and everybody else too! but takes confidence to that – I wouldn’t be the first to volunteer! 🙂

    • Surely they have learned their lesson. But I was so glad that they took it in the right spirit without getting upset and bravely explained it all to me.
      Yeah, improvising would have been a good idea, but not many will have the presence of mind to do that. This year we have together learned quite a few lessons. 🙂 Thank you, Suzy!

  2. Good one Bindu. Kept me guessing til you revealed reason 🙂 Yes rehearsal are important they also help in building team spirit 🙂

  3. Ha…what a funny experience…..never practised together?…….I can imagine the scene perfectly. Hope it never happens again.

  4. HI Bindu,

    What an interesting story – there are plenty of lessons to be learned from this.


  5. We all have to learn our lessons, don’t we. Such an interesting story.

  6. Greetings Ma’am 🙂 I’m Aisha Omar
    I loved this post so much … It was really funny and reminded me of the good old days in Al-Noor 😉

  7. New friends, new life … getting used to it .
    I do miss Al-Noor but life changes at some point so we have to move on 🙂

  8. Changed alot … new environment, new people 😦
    But life goes on 🙂

  9. Hello How are you mam.. Long time you have not written anything .. hope everything ok

    do come back

  10. Solo performed by a group 😉

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