Waiting: Story 1

“Good! Next, you there, read out your answer, please.” F stood up and started preparing to read. Everything looked just fine, so far, but nobody knew those were the initial peaceful minutes of a slight thriller. Seconds passed by, and she was still preparing to read. A chuckle started to spread all over the class. The busy teacher became curious, and before losing herself to anger, confirmed F had been (physically and emotionally) all right. The friends had no evidence to prove it otherwise. F grew more pathetic and looked at her neighbour helplessly. The teacher, holding on to her last vestige of self-control, tried to encourage her to read. But alas, nothing happened! F was alarmingly quiet as if someone had accidentally pressed her mute button. She miserably gestured something to her friend who failed to decipher it. Already about five precious minutes from those final periods of the Term had been spent in anticipation of an answer that seemed infinitely remote. The  chuckling had by now given way to a perplexed, uneasy silence. Ms. J. , unable to take it any more, stormed out of the class passing this verdict – “Call me when you are ready!” The confused class almost let out a cry, shocked by the disconcerting turn of events.


Ms.  J. was at sea. Unlike many previous occasions, that day there was no homework defaulter, leaving no reason for the girls to worry about, or the teacher to take out her vehement sermon the nth time in two months. What must have gone wrong?

As Ms. J. sat there in her room, they arrived – F escorted by the beneficent school leader who of late had been sincerely carrying out her role as the helping angel for the ill-fated ones. “Teacher, she will read it.” Ms. J. readily agreed to the compromise. The angel was asked to leave. F looked desperate to let go the only shield against the  likely onslaught of the annoyed teacher. Having no time to risk that favourable twist, F was released too.


No other story might have had a smoother ending. The teacher got back to the class, F read out her answers and the teacher continued from where she had stopped as if nothing had gone wrong.

But Ms. J is still waiting – for F to explain it all to her, someday.

13 responses to “Waiting: Story 1

  1. hmmmm well I hope she gets the explanation .. although what is there to explain

  2. Oh oh Bindu your lovely writing and flow thoughts kept me gripped. Being a teacher myself I could connect very well. But poor Ms Joe and me would like to know how F got her ‘release’ ???
    🙂 🙂

    • The reason was simple though bit unusual. F had her hw done but suddenly when her name was called out she ‘lost’ her voice temporarily, obviously out of nervousness. Ms. J who wanted to give her a chance to relax took a ‘break’and that luckily worked. Happily ever after. Thank you so much, Dilip. Glad that you found it interesting. 🙂

  3. Yeaaaaah Ma’am..! When trs. call out our names all of a sudden, the nervousness we experience is so awkward.. 😛 😉

    • Is that you, Thasneem? I can understand that very well. We were once students too, and I was one of the most nervous. So it is easy for me to see things from the students’ point of view. But shyness makes us miserable and takes away all the fun.

  4. Speechless! 🙂 It’s shocking what nervousness can do to the mind – poor girl, she must have been so embarrassed! I think I can remember a few similar occasions at my primary school – a looooong time ago now, but certain people and certain occasions stand out in my mind. When I get nervous I often get the feeling I’ll might wet myself and desperately need the toilet, in fact I did one day at school, at age five – even at that age it was really embarrassing. I have managed to escape repeating that! I try and avoid stressful situations, especially exams, they are the worst for me!!

    I hope she recovers from her nervousness one day, it’s not nice to be plagued with something like that. 🙂

    • Thank you, Suzy, for sharing that experience. The similarity between our attitudes and experiences is so amazing. I had always been the most nervous girl in my class, and teachers seemed so scary. I had a lot of unpleasant experiences at school. I understand the feelings of the girl very well. But unless we make ourselves brave life is always going to be hard for us. The experience will remind the girl to be bold, I am sure.

  5. Yes Ma’am.. It’s me.. ^_^

    I pray that students, like me, F and many others, become bolder.. 🙂 And Ma’am, I think I’ve improved a bit .. 😀

  6. Among all the stories we read in the class, this story is one of the best stories I’ve read I hope you still remember us Bindu mam

  7. among all the stories we read in class,this is the best story I’ve read. I hope you still remember us Bindu mam 🙂

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