In Love

Falling in love
So late!
Better late!

Was gravitation responsible
In any way?

It was there all along
Only that they ‘fell’ in it now.
They had been too rigid and smart
To ‘fall’ into that humble, heavenly pit.

Now, being more flexible,
The pit can hold them.
They have mellowed

So what about their form,
Their identity?
Who cares!

For the time being
They are two jolly good fellows.
That’s all they know,
All they need!

14 responses to “In Love

  1. Yes.. that’s all they is love it does not matter when or how it comes to be..

    Loved the poem..

  2. This is so lovely, and I always enjoy reading your writing, you give us a lot of food for thought!♥ Falling in love at an older age could be quite wonderful, at least neither would be body concious like when they were young. Being aware of how you look is a stress we could all do without, and I’m sure for young people it’s getting worse – images everywhere and advice on how their relationship should be going. It’s much better to be old, and not care so much what anyone thinks, and take comfort in a relationship based on friendship. That’s what it should be about anyway, but sadly it often isn’t. Best friends – that’s a lovely thought for me to go to sleep on tonight, I shall imagine those two jolly good fellows when I close my eyes! 😀

    • The real love happens when we are able to override a whole lot of material and bodily priorities. At a certain point the realization happens – that so far it was not love. By then the expression of the feeling would have taken an entirely different form. But that is a better, more peaceful feeling. Thank you Suzy, for being here and leaving such a thoughtful comment once again.
      Sorry for being this late to reply.

  3. Beautiful message. Yes love is not age specific it can start at a puppy level in school or something more meaningful in the greying days.
    Many thanks.

    • True, Dileep. It can happen any time. Sadly it never happens for many. Those who could experience it at least once, be it in any stage of life, are blessed.

  4. So true, and love with maturity is the best kind.

  5. Love, that ultimate force of gravity, or zero gravity, whatever one will assume it to be, is just that – timeless, ageless, formless…. yet holding one in all these forms as well 🙂 🙂
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful poetry!

    • Oh, thank you, Usha! While young, love is often conditional. But love just for the sake of it, without expecting anything in return, is bliss!

  6. Love doesn’t care about age, does it?! But sometimes we need time and the wisdom of age to recognize it. A beautiful post.

  7. Not matured enough to comment but still can grasp the depth of an aged ‘young’ love.

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