She just came in
and decided to stay.

So prying
She followed me everywhere.
Though I was busy,
She was adamant
And held me captive.

And she left

When? How?
Who knows!

And then came in another –
Yet another familiar face,
Just familiar.

My mind, the indulgent guard
Opens the fence gate and
Lets them in often
without my knowledge.

Will they be thinking of me?
Is there some link?
Does it matter?
So who’s next?

6 responses to “Visitors

  1. Hmm well they say you do your bit and don’t worry what they do..

    Opening up to all and then they moving and u opening agaun. .just shows how pure a heart you have. ..☺

    Lovely poem…

  2. A very interesting way of looking at those mind visitors! 😉 At first I thought it was an actual person, and then I realised – oh yes, that kind of visitor – yes I have them too! Kind of annoying sometimes, depends who they are I guess. And are they thinking of us? That’s an eternal question, isn’t it? I wish I knew! 🙂

    • I am extremely glad you are able to grasp all my thoughts as I intended.:) I cannot predict who I will start thinking about the next moment. And often that would be someone who may make me unsettled and they are bent on staying.

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