Invisible roots

P1210122 - Copy

I had no idea
That I had grown
So many
Roots invisible
That supported
Tethered too –
Never letting go,
Smothering, pulling,
Whining, threatening,
Emotionally blackmailing!

Fed up,
I broke off,
Dreaming of new pastures
Unknown nourishment,
And experiences.

Now they haunt me –
The unseen ghosts
Of my Invisible Roots.
They blame me
Entice me
They whisper out loud
β€˜Come back!’

Some day I must,
And try to reconnect
The severed roots
One by one,


10 responses to “Invisible roots

  1. That’s a very profound poem!!β™₯ And I think we all have these kinds of roots, often hiding! Unlike that tree – what a fascinating tree with all those exposed roots! πŸ™‚ Did this inspire your poetry?

    • That picture inspired to a certain extent. Yeah, that tree’s roots are all exposed. But most of us cannot do that as we prefer to keep them hidden, maybe because they look ugly. Thanks a lot for your generous words, Suzy! πŸ™‚

  2. Roots. You need them even though they smother. You yearn, even though you’d rather sever. The contradictions. Visible or no, roots have a way of reminding you they’re there, always.
    Beautifully lends itself to so many varying interpretations!

  3. Beautiful poem and amazing photo.The real strength of a tree is in its roots. The more you nourish the roots the more sweet will be its fruits.

  4. Loved how you have written this, Bindu.

  5. This is so beautiful, and so true! The photo is perfect for the poem.

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