Happy Hormones


I feel happy!
(Just feel?)

Happy Hormones
Activated, I sense.

I want them to stay
Prospects are bright.

Cooking ‘successfully’ (!),
Lavishing stars and marks…

Don’t you think
It’s worth it?

But the minute
My HH’s get deactivated,


[Written in June when I was in a real happy mood.]

Who knows what made this unknown person so cheerful that day!

10 responses to “Happy Hormones

  1. Yes, to me it symbolises that the busy background is his troublesome past, and he himself is walk away head held high, and has had the last laugh.

    Great, made my day.

    • Loved that interpretation.
      Actually I didn’t notice him or his smile at that time. Many of the pictures we find interesting are candid.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Perhaps the man in the picture is in love – that’s definitely a case for happy hormones, and going around smiling at all of life! 🙂 Doesn’t last long of course, but just as well, because I’m not sure the world would be able to function in an orderly manner if we all stayed ‘permanently’ in that state of euphoria. Nice while it lasts though! 🙂

    • Sometimes certain insignificant things we perceive through our senses leave behind long-lasting impressions, like the Solitary Reaper did. This picture did the same.
      Permanent euphoria, like everlasting summers must be boring. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, suzywordmuser!

  3. Bindu, I can certainly identify with the poem. One would think that the hormone roller coaster would have slowed down by the age of 57, but life doesn’t slow down so I guess we can’t. Love the photo – and I too find details in my photographs that I missed when I took them. I may have been focusing on something else in the scene, but the great thing about photos is that you can revisit and take a closer look.

    • Thank you, Julia! Sometimes I fear our moods, reactions, are all controlled by our hormones, not by our real character. Isn’t it strange that certain pills can make one happy? So what are we actually – slaves subject to the chemicals secreted/administered or human beings endowed with free wills? That’s a disturbing thought.
      Glad to know you liked the picture. I was focusing on the congested city in the background but the outcome surprised me.

  4. Love, love this! Coz that’s me too, when HHs strike! And when they leave, its a combination of combustible symbols on the keyboard 😀 😀
    Stay Happy, Bindu!
    Good to be back here!

    • Trying to ‘stay happy’. 🙂
      Combination of combustible symbols – loved that 🙂
      Isn’t it scary to know that we actually don’t have any real control over our moods?
      Hope life is great over there.

  5. I can totally relate to the poem, I ride that coaster alot. 🙂 great poem!

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