Walk with me


Let’s walk this way. You and me. The sun will shine bright for us. The shimmering water will add a glitter to our eyes. Take a look at the flowers meant for us. We won’t make them leave their homes for us, but we’ll be there to marvel at the thousand shades and fragrances they have arranged for us. Keep your ears open to the faint soothing music of the foliage and the birds, and your skin ready for the caressing breeze. Be keen – they only serve the most sensitive, you know. Won’t we accept their invitation? After all they are free!

The life – duties, worries, plans, money –  is a light year away. They won’t come to disturb us unless we invite them and lose our minds to them. They make us sick. Consequently we end up fighting. And why should we take along with us resentment and the doubt who had had the last word, instead of the bliss , which is again free?

The sun will soon take leave but there will be the charming night. Thank God the moon is not another star. The pale light is just right for us as we glide down the smooth slopes of sleep reminiscing the blessings of the day that had seeped into us through our senses. Tomorrow is yet another day! 

27 responses to “Walk with me

  1. Quietly soothing.
    Let’s take that walk, and set aside those troubles, for just a while 🙂

  2. Yes, worry is very real, but unreal at the same time, and can cause so much destruction in our lives. It’s difficult to resist sometimes, but it must be, because it serves very little purpose. Life is too brief to fill it with nothing!
    I love the picture by the way, looks like a dream garden – I’m guessing it’s one you took? 🙂

    • These days I am teaching myself to be normal and relaxed. Day after day I find it easier. Yoga helps me, or may be I’m growing older and wiser.:)
      The picture was taken during our last vacation and the place is Trivandrum zoo (Kerala, India). Glad you liked it. Thank you Suzy! 🙂

  3. Loved this. Just today morning, I was listening to the birds around from the kitchen window. How much do we take these things for granted that we don’t even notice it 😦

    • Nature has a lot of ways to help us relax, but we are too busy to pay attention. I wonder where we are rushing to… Thank you, Bindu.

  4. Bindu, thanks so much for taking me along on this walk – I am having a stressful day and I really needed a few moments of peace and sanity. In the photo I can just feel the cool air and pleasant shade. You have brought me a nice break today!

    • That was one of my favourite shots from last vacation. Thanks for joining me. The first thing on my list (for vacation) is to walk aimlessly – something I can never do here. Thank you, Julia!

  5. What a lovely walk. It’s good to leave the worries behind from time to time. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. I enjoyed walking through the greenery. The wind and the cool, caressed my cheeks. It really did

  7. Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

  8. Beautiful words with meaning. To me the essence of your lovely poem is “Just let go and be in the present moment”.

    Thanks Bindu you made my day.
    Cheers 🙂

  9. Bindu, I am thinking of you this evening and hoping you are finding time for many long walks, pleasant conversations and all your favorite activities on vacation! We are doing OK here, slowly but surely Jeff and Matt are getting better from their surgeries. Have a wonderful break!

  10. Love it Bindu ! We should make time for a walk like this every day 🙂
    I wish you a wonderful weekend 🙂

  11. Nice post..:). I really miss u maam .Hope you are fine and happy 🙂

  12. beautifully written.. It reminds me how we don’t notice these beautiful things everyday. Its there and still we don’t realise that we are surrounded with so much beauty..

  13. I hate to sound like a great somebody. But I have quite mastered the art of meditating and sending the worries to oblivion. One of the main reasons I love Yoga. Even though sometimes the control slips I know that worries are only as big as you make them.

    • Words of wisdom. Worries grow wild with our imagination and at certain point they gain absolute power over us.
      Had I learned Yoga at your age my life would have been a lot easier. Thank you for being here.

  14. Your welcome. At the same time my worries are also quite small and few in number,

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