Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

The Pioneer

No one had ever
Thought or said or did so.
He did,
for the very first time.

Imagine those looks,
The backlash…
How he might have dithered
When the whole world slammed,
Advised, begged or threatened him –
GIVE UP and act sane!

He has been through the pain of creation,
Only to see his weird baby scoffed at!

What a predicament he’d have been in
When he was damn sure of himself
And could see that rosy light
At the end of the tunnel –
Others, blind yet.

Fed up, he would have cursed
The power that planted the seed
Now too strong to uproot.

Tagged crazy, ostracized,
He envisaged the day
Accolades came his way.

It materialized…

After his lifelong struggle
(Hard up and lost in oblivion)
Was snuffed out by death –
An undistinguished one
Not unusual for
The pioneers
Ahead of their times.