Beware of this charlatan!


Joining hands with Arya in her protest against the chauvinistic charlatan(s)!

10 responses to “Beware of this charlatan!

  1. Brilliant. Joining hands with Arya, me too.

  2. Great post! Really, what was he thinking, saying something like this? Unbelievable! 😦
    Me too, joining hands with Arya. I wish more had walked out with her!

    • She is really a brave girl. She is the first one among his audience to realize this guy is actually trying to cast the womenfolk down while he is supposed to strengthen them. No one else sensed anything wrong in the rubbish he was saying. Thank you, Manju!

  3. I don’t know who he is but I trust your judgment…. Joining hands too! 🙂

  4. Arya has my full support – as does any woman who are intermediated or worse by chauvinistic charlatans. Thanks for bringing a focus on this.

  5. Good post..I also saw the news in the media..ME too joining with ARYA…:D

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