Now I am a lake.
Every skimming swallow
And every blowing breeze
Stir up ripples on me.

They spread out,
Grow wider but less intense.

I wait for stillness –
And then it sails in –

I savour
The brief lull,
Till the  swallow or breeze
Returns to taunt or tickle me.

Let the swallows skim
And the breeze blow,
They can’t help it,
I don’t mind rippling either.


22 responses to “Ripples

  1. in the last line I could actually visualise the swallows skimming around ..

    beautiful poem .. loved it
    nature is beautiful if only we take some time out and see it ..

  2. It is very nice. The best part is “I dont mind rippling either’

  3. Nice poem. When I read the first line itself, I knew that the line is so familiar to me.. :D. Nice description of “lake” as a poem. I loved it..:)

  4. wow. beautiful and metaphorical.
    the poem is like a lovely breeze 🙂

  5. Lovely word painting, Bindu. It is so soothing to sit and watch the rippling effect on water.

  6. Lovely sentiment in the poem.

  7. These words are beautiful “I wait for stillness – Patiently! And then it sails in Peace!
    Makes one feel truly peaceful!
    Thanks Bindu

  8. I love it absolutely.I especially love it when you said that u don’t mind rippling either cause that is so true. though we do get irritated at that time.

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