Actions and Intentions

“We judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.” -Ian Percy

Sorry for that space pollution. Actually I am yelling it out to myself. Did you hear that too? Then join me for the ‘aftershocks’.

How we wish others tried to understand our intentions before they judged our actions! However, being an imperfect human, I am not always able fathom the intentions of those whose actions offend me. Selfishness? Or is it impracticality? I don’t know.

My actions have often been misinterpreted because of my nature. Things were straightened out whenever I got the chance to explain them, but life is not always that fair and straightforward. So, I now and then I enter the foe-list of other people, the latest entry being made last week.

No grudges. It’s nobody fault. As part of my Mission Positive Thinking I am trying to analyze the problem.

Introverts are cursed with misunderstandings. I, being one, am no exemption. One fine morning it is impossible to undergo some metamorphosis and move around sporting the new label of an extrovert. After all I have always been rather comfortable with my existing tag. Still I am greedy for a bit more comfort. But how? Hmmm….

Given below are a few Utopian suggestions:

  • Announce my intentions to the world before doing or saying something.
  • Include a comment box for my words and deeds so that I will be alarmed whenever someone gets me wrong.

Rubbish! (Ooops! I let it slip. Let it be. Once in a while everything is okay.)  🙂

Well, what can I do?

Stop judging, because…

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

This will be of some extra help: Before acting I must remember that…

“You are (I am) responsible for your (my) actions, not for your (my) intentions.” –  Paulo Coelho

Will it really help? Let me try, and then wait and see.

14 responses to “Actions and Intentions

  1. So did you try.. how did it go.

    Now here is a controversial question.. why do we quote all big authors or personalities.. how do we know they are right..
    We Dont know them personally what they do behind closed doors no one knows.. yet we take their word ..

    Just a thought…

    • I am trying. So far, so good. Aren’t you praying for me?
      Good thought, Bikram, and I don’t smell any controversy in it.

      I am not sure whether the analogies are apt, still this is what I feel:
      Don’t we admire great roles played by actors even when the roles are contradictory to their real characters?
      Don’t we love the roses even when we are not so glad about the thorn part?

      Similarly, we quote certain brilliant quotes that jibe with our feelings. By doing that we don’t in any way vouch for their whole character.
      Even the devil cites scripture for his purpose – so why not I, a lesser devil? 😉 And I don’t mind quoting any devil if that serves my purpose. I love quotes!
      Phew! 😀

  2. Ha ha ha, someone has really offended someone else, don’t worry, people who matter will try to understand your intentions, and those who don’t, let them go their way 😉

    • That’s it. There’s no point in baring our intentions to those who are only too eager to misinterpret us. I was just wondering what leads to misunderstandings.

  3. no one can judge the other person as no one knows for sure what the intention of the other was. something that looks quite noble on the outset might be a deceiving lie in truth. something that looks like disloyalty may actually be the contrary.
    it all depends on the context, the surrounding, and mutual understanding.

    • True, Amira. Yes, mutual understanding is the only way out. But that is impossible with each and everyone we have to deal with. And that would entail misunderstandings… Human communication is so complicated, in spite of all the languages and technology.

  4. Oh I can so identify with this post!

    More than once, people have read malice/ intent to insult, in my words, when I intended no such thing. And to explain would have caused more misunderstandings, or so I thought at the time. Perhaps I was wrong. Who knows..

    Maybe I have done the same? You’ve given me something to think about!

    • It’s a difficult situation. While we expect others to believe our justifications, we hardly pay any attention to those by others. We have seen what’s going on in the blogosphere these days…

  5. It is true and we always escape with ” I really did’nt mean it”

  6. Some very important thoughts. I particularly like the Coelho quote. Good intentions don’t bring any good if their actions don’t convey the same positive spirit. And, I know, it’s not always easy. Thanks for the interesting post.

    • Seriously learning some important lessons. We are all aware of the laws though often we are not able to follow them strictly, only to repent at leisure. Thank you for reading!

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