Finally it struck me. Of late I have been looking frequently into my inner self trying to recognize the real me. And the glad news is that I am gradually coming to  terms with myself.

So what had been happening all these years? I hear people  say childhood was amazing. Really? Superficially there were a lot of interesting episodes during my childhood too, but within, I was perplexed. A lost soul.

My worries almost pricked me to death. I mercilessly tortured myself. The words of advice had no effect because all along I successfully pretended to believe them.

And what  is the latest development? I really understand them. My mind has learnt its lessons and is docile. My alarms go off when my thoughts go astray. I am the master of my feelings and I know how to tame them. Isn’t that the real inner peace?

It’s good to be a grown up. While young I had the feeling that I would be dead and gone before I hit 30. I know why He waited. Now I am ready – do You hear me?

Ah, now when I look out at the world outside all I see is tranquility. My inner embers have started glowing and they act as my beacon in this turbulent sea of life. I am happy and peaceful at this moment. Even if you throw out that dish in the kitchen which took me an hour to prepare, I will not be provoked (but merely kill you with my smile). 😉

Isn’t that real peace? It’s great to be alive!

Peace be with you and me!

4 responses to “Eureka!

  1. 🙂 hmm i wish i can say the same for me too, I am a very agressive person an nope i wont be smiling at that dish thrown , someone will be DEAD for sure 🙂

    my childhood , was a bag of everything, I had the worst schooling time, but it still had its golden times .. I was bullied a lot and it has changed me a lot too but i feel for good , because else i would be still that innocent guy whome everyone took for granted …

    • This is just another wonderful phase in my life and I want it to stay. You might be surprised to know I feel the peace in the midst of the worst uncertainties in my life. I simply CHOOSE to be happy. I have discovered the mine of happiness within me. No one can rob me of that. 🙂
      And throwing the dish – just an exaggeration. I said that out of the confidence that those who know me would never take the risk. 😉
      Thanks for sharing that bit about your childhood. School times were not so pleasant for me too. But glad to know it made you prepared to face life.

  2. It takes some life experience to start to understand oneself and to come to terms with what one sees. Some people never get to the bottom of their souls, at least so it seems to me. I think it’s great that you have found this inner peace with your self and the world around you. It’s a good place to be.

    • It’s a great realization. Until it happens, we keep pretending, cheating ourselves, but all in vain. I am glad it happened at least now – better bit late than never. Now I can analyse my thoughts; I am the lord of my own thoughts.
      Thank you for that insightful comment.

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