A Perfect Vacation

Yet another summer vacation is just over. Though we couldn’t visit our relatives it was one of the most creative and well-spent vacations I’ve ever had. Take a look.

Picked up some new skills – making friendship bands and the basics of crochet.



Best out of waste – bags made from old clothes.

Bit of applique and embroidery to embellish plain T shirts.    

Some frocks and tops, for my girls and four sets of school uniform for my elder one.

The following task  consumed much of my time and energy – new slipovers and cushions for our sofas. All I had to spend was SR 100, for the furnishing material.

So much about the creative part. But the here are real the highlights of my vacation.

1. We painted the whole apartment – thank God it is just four little rooms. The walls had been covered up with the graffitti of my younger one. We waited all these four years for her to grow up. The walls now look great but I miss the mysterious , cute figures that her little fingers had doodled all over.

3. This is something I really enjoyed – I ripped open all the pillows, washed the fibre, combed it with an African comb, and made fresh, fluffy pillows and cushions.

2. I gave up my regular workout programme (after the realisation that it was gnawing my joints) to switch over to the most effective system of exercise – yoga. Wonder why I didn’t try it all these years. Now I wake up a bit earlier than usual so that the I can complete a perfect set of stretches. Spiritually and mentally I feel more rejuvenated.

Now tell me, wasn’t that a great vacation? Hope to be back to active blogging very soon.

23 responses to “A Perfect Vacation

  1. indeed .. vacations well spent 🙂 and lovely pics , I liked the tee’s ..
    and the bands tooo

  2. Bindu, this is amazing, I just loved those bags, you should actually start selling it 🙂
    Yoga – that is something that’s been on my list for a long time 😦

    • Flattered! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so crazy about bags.
      You should try yoga – once it becomes the part of your routine you won’t be able to do without it even for a day.

  3. I do envy you your vacation. You’ve enjoyed it immensely and that in itself is enough. That it has been as productive as the pictures show is the icing on the cake!
    Yoga? Wonderful! A new you is what you will discover, and take your enjoyment of life to a higher level.
    Loved all those activities and the pictures you shared Bindu!
    You too inspire me 🙂

    • I kept myself crazily occupied becoz of the sickeningly indolent life in this part of the world.
      Nowadays I bore every hapless listener of mine with the merits of yoga.
      Thanks a lot, Usha!

  4. Made good use of time and resources! I have never had a vacation of more than 5 days except for my delivery!( if you can call it a vacation) Envy you. But I am not sure if I can utilise my days like you even if I get a vacation.

    • This is the first time I could do so much. Usually I while time away during vctns here. Long vctns are one advantage of being a teacher. But sure you do utilize your holidays well with your family – nothing more rewarding, eh?

  5. Very creative …love those bands and bags! 🙂

  6. maam itz really amazing u did this all…….just amazing .so cute bags i cant belive it any way its awesome. well planned vctn… nd yana luks cute in pink 🙂

  7. Wonderful creations especially the bags and bands. You are sofas look so neat.So, you utilized your vacation in a useful way.Waiting to see your more skills and creativity. And How are you maam?

  8. I really should learn how to stitch,been wanting to for a long time,though I know how to make the bands.A very good,busy vacation it must have been.
    Yoga is really nice,I enjoy meditation the most though =)

    • For an artist like you, picking up some new skills will be quite easy. If it is embroidery that interests you, your mother can be of help.
      Try yoga – it will keep you fit, llight and flexible. Let me think about meditation.

  9. Mom never gets time to teach me stuff. she is quite busy.
    I love yoga, we do it in school

  10. I feel satisfied after finding this one.

  11. A belated comment: It seems like you had a great vacation. Enriching in so many ways, no?

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