And when they met again…

For years
They were one friendly flock
‘Of a feather’.

Then it was time to part –
Autographs, promises, tears,
Farewell, well fared.
And they flew away
In fifty diverse routes.

Years thence
They met again, virtually.
Longed to make it real.
Yearned to relive those days.
Planning, preparations…

Then the great day came,
Birds flocked again.

How tired and old each had grown!
Feeble smiles and hollow words
Couldn’t gloss over the chasms.

What went wrong?

They had outgrown their nest,
Moreover, they were no longer
Birds of a feather.

Time and experiences
Had painted them all different –
The dull ones with bright shades
And the bright ones with not-so-bright.
Each flaunted its hard-earned hues.
No wonder it turned irksome.

Disappointed, dispersed again,
This time, for good.

23 responses to “And when they met again…

  1. I guess LIFE happened..

    this reminded me school-college-uni we were raring to go , ready to change the world, make it work according to us.. But it was not to be .. Life has a way of teaching us all .. BUt
    then we met again a few years back all us friends .. some old , some withered , some still raring …

    Made me sad I hope we did not disperse for good, as we are going ot meet next year again …

    • hmm… Life is so different when we actually get to it.
      That you are going to meet again gives me some hope. We are just planning to meet and this is just one fear some of us expressed and have in mind. It won’t be the same ever again.

  2. Hey Bindu, you would be surprised how much things and people remain the same, even in their looks. We had a school reunion after 25 years ( I feel so old only when I count the years 🙂 ), in spite of all the apprehensions, we had a ball. Most of them remained essentially the young girls that they were 🙂
    So, as Bikram said, just go out and have fun!
    (Come back and let us know how it went)
    Loved the poem 🙂

    • Blessed to have such positive-minded readers. Thanks a lot, ‘Bindu’!
      That is really amazing – friends remaining the same even after such a long gap.
      I should nerve myself for that. Next time I should meet at least some of them and refresh the memories. 🙂

  3. I wonderful story and poem. With a double meaning to it. About the migration of birds, but more so about life and how it treats us all in different ways. We come from one place, but then life takes us in all kinds of directions. Very lovely said.

    • Thank you so much! The thought had been disturbing me for some days. We ourselves may have changed a lot while we expect others to be the same. I have never attended a reunion and I can’t even imagine how it would turn out.

  4. Children full of hopes and ready to conquer world, when they come together after years of toil, some might have played well and some may be not so fortunate. Years can make or break life. Nice post!!

    • Thank you, chechi! What do you think – reunions will be successful or not? Those who are fortunate will be eager and may take the initiative. Others may be hesitant.

  5. We all know that change is a constant. And if we can keep in tune with change then all that matters is the present moment! So lets celebrate the Now 🙂

    • Getting adjusted with the past is at times very difficult. But living in the present is the only practical solution. Thank you, Dilip Naidu!

  6. Nice one Bindu 🙂
    It very well captures how we move on in life … things change overtime …

    I particularly like this verse:
    “Time and experiences
    Had painted them all different –
    The dull ones with bright shades
    And the bright ones with not-so-bright.”

    I sometimes wonder what happened to the bright ones from my time at school … 🙂

    • Life often takes unexpected turns. This is something which puzzles me too – those who become successful/famous/rich later in their lives need not have been the brightest ones. Education and marks are never the criteria in life, sounds disappointing, doesn’t it? 🙂 Thank you very much, Amira. Nice to hear from you again. 😀

  7. Nice poem..Separation is painful..But we meet again.after years,that meeting is too joyful..I wish to meet all my classmates and teachers after a long time..Hehe it will be really funny..Maam,now,are you here or in India ?

  8. Old withered tired and exhausted perhaps, but with that flame of youth, and memories burning quietly inside 🙂 I do hope your meeting up was a great experience! 🙂

  9. Hi Bindu

    Bit like the Kabuliwallah story – he went searching for a Baby and found a stranger. I think the best approach would be to take each other just how you are today and soon you will discover the classmate hidden inside.

    Isn’t life is about change and happiness / pain are our interpretations of the unfolding events? Although not easy to accept happiness should be in spite of the events rather than on account of it.

    Some interesting analogies drawn in your poem – enjoyed reading it.

    • Welcome to my blog, JayadevM! Thank you for that wonderful comment. That is a good, practical suggestion. These are just some of the fears about something I have not yet been through – just fears. Yes, it depends on how one looks at and analyzes events. Pain or pleasure- it’s my choice. Thanks again.

  10. This is a beautiful poem and … so honest about life and inevitable change.

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