Human Anthem

(Why do we feel WE are always right? So who are the THEY, who are never right?)

My Country (right or wrong) is always the greatest!
Beyond the borders you keep on conspiring.

My Religion is frequently targeted
You try to affront us with blasphemies.

My Family has inherited all values and knowledge
While you people are unrefined, sticks-in-the-mud.

My Gender (esp. in certain roles) is often ‘manhandled’
You insolently join hands with the offenders.

My own Self is the paradigm of all virtues (incarnated so far)
While you are the embodiment of all evils (fresh from hell)!

See! In the end I am all alone, to run the gauntlet,
The malicious Society constantly picking at me.

Ironically, my country, my religion, my family, my gender –
Nothing ever sticks up for me.

Where do I belong to?

Excuse me! This monotony is sickening,
Shall we……
                     ……. change sides, for a better different view?

22 responses to “Human Anthem

  1. Empathy is something we always lack. Great post!

  2. It’s been a while… I know. Glad to read and visit your blog again.

  3. but what if we change sides and find the same out there tooo …

    • Exactly that is what’s going to happen… It is not going to be any better but a different version of the same trauma – that’s why I named it human anthem. (Hope you didn’t miss the irony intended)

      • Well I guess I am dumb I did miss the point , but then I was thinking on the right track too , so the poem did the right job ..

        sorry for being so dumb 🙂 thats me

      • I didn’t mean that, Bikram. May be the problem with the way I put it, may be it lacked clarity. Any way glad that you got it, and thanks a lot for the comment.:) 🙂

  4. Well said Bindu … 🙂
    all things us is good and whatever is of others’ is bad …
    that sure is how the human psyche works
    and this sickening attitude is everywhere unfortunately

    • Thank you, dear! We are all selfish and such thoughts emerge from our fear of the unknown – the fear that the whole world is against us, stalking us, I think.

  5. I really like this anthem. Questioning our complacency and arrogance. Unfortunately we all seem to think the others are inferior and we are the best. While instead we should show more respect and understanding.

  6. Empathy! Beautifully expressed!

  7. A very different view from mine.

  8. I believe that everything or almost everything in this world sticks up for you. All you have to do is to believe that it does

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