Hazards of not blogging


There is one golden rule for bloggers: If we blog we ARE!
So of late have I BEEN or not?

After that inevitable break I realized I was slowly getting adjusted to not blogging. As a result I met with a lot of losses. Here are the confessions of a lazy blogger:
1. The email notification to this post must have raised the eyebrows of my dear readers – “Come on, what now, after such a long gap?” My fellow bloggers might have almost forgotten me. (But glad that you haven’t.) Anyway, the excuse of being busy is no more valid.
2. The guilty feeling of neglecting my humble blog had been haunting me all the way.
3. I can’t make up my mind what to post, although a few drafts have long been waiting. Also, writer’s block pesters me too much.
4. My dashboard often turns a cold shoulder to me and I face difficulties logging in too.
5. At times I even forget my password!
6. These days my site status hits all-time lows.
7. I missed many of the wonderful posts out there in the blogosphere.
8. Instead of utilizing my spare time to process my next post, I squander it worrying.
9. I have put on weight as I have been cooking and of course eating more!
10. And thus I have to post a piece like this in my desperate attempt to return.
(I THINK SO)    😉


12 responses to “Hazards of not blogging

  1. Welcome back..
    All that cooking and then eating it all up too.. You did not invite me .. had you dont that I would have surly eaten some of it , which would have meant you would have eaten less which would have meant little less weight.. SO you see .. next time .. well you know what to do now he he he he he …

  2. Hehe :)..Come back with more enthusiasm..Best of luck..Hope you are fine and happy 🙂

  3. Welcome back Bindu!

    We missed you. Glad to have you back – we all need some time away, so no worries.

    Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂


  4. Welcome Back Bindu.. Dont worry us readers are all there..

  5. Searching for the Light

    Good to have you back! Glad you were doing something fun with your time away from blogland. Much better to be cooking and eating the results than to be so bogged down in work that we have no time for anything else!

    • Nice to hear from you again. Thank you very much for the comment. Hope life is smooth and fine. 🙂 Should catch up with your blog.

  6. I didn’t forget you… I’ve been sick so you see there are human reasons for why people don’t visit. 😉

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