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Source of Inspiration

Throughout history there
have been religious wars…
the ultimate oxymoron.
Some of the bloodiest,
most cruel wars have been
opposing groups of the same religion.

How is it that we can preach
love, then kill others? And
before you puff up your pride
that you have never killed,
remember your harsh words,
unforgiving spirit, your
judgments, your greed, for
killing another’s spirit
is the ultimate slaughter.

Religions have often practiced
elitism, my group is better
than yours, bigotry, racism,
hatred for minority groups

This poem is not anti-religion,
quite the opposite, what I’m
saying, folks, is that if we
believe in one loving Creator,
then, because we come from that
Source, we must be loving, too.

My God is a God of Love. Period.
This is makes my “religion” very
simple. Am I acting from a position
of love, of compassion? This is
my yardstick for “right and wrong.”

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Thank you for the Inspiration

Awards – they always bring home the heartwarming messages of support, love and concern. This one too.

Rules to this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell 7 things about yourself that will not have come up in your blog entries.

3. Pass it on to 7 blogs you find inspiring and explain why.

Part I: Thank you!

Once again I should thank my dear friend Elyas (Kweschn!) for including me in the list.

These C’s will best describe him – Compassionate, Considerate, Candid, Creative. Now that is enough to make you visit his blog, if you haven’t done that yet.

Part II: The seven things

1. I am a Libran – queen of indecision.

2. I am a ‘middlest sister’ : Eldest one is Papa’s pet and youngest one is Mama’s. So what about the middle one? The maid’s pest. [Not really 😉 ]

3. I am a strict teacher : In spite of the ardent prayers of students and staff, I rarely avail leaves of any sort. 😉 “Neither stones nor prayers nor sticks, Insults or complaints or bricks could still my determination”.

4. I abhor lies (I don’t mind them white or noble, but can’t tolerate the ones through the teeth) and liars : Accuse me of lack empathy, but I have never heard, from anyone, a genuine reason for lying.

5. Something that I find hard to refuse : An offer of sweets.

6. My worst fear : What if I sleep like a log for 24 hours at a stretch and wake up to realize that I have lost a full day from my life?

7. My wish(just one of them) : To die when I am still healthy enough.

Part III: The inspiring bloggers

1. Amira: Blessed with the talent to spot poetry in almost everything, and she says, “i am who i am … with a smile, no matter what.”

2. Bikram: A concerned citizen, thereby a popular blogger who says, “I am Me basically”.

3. Judy: Her words and pictures are full of affection – one who “believes in being a life-long learner.”

4. Munchow: Photographer par excellence who “seeks to expand his vision, both visually and technically.”

5. Nancy: You’ll sure find enough tips for business and life.

6. Tito:Part time philosopher, part time poet and wannabe (already a good one) author..”

7. Usha: Versatile writer, wonderful teacher – “An eccentric rambler on life’s lessons and mercies.”

Of course there are many more. Here are just a few more of them:

8. Elizabeth

9. joshidaniel

10. kwrites

11. niki 

12. Shail

They are just a dozen of writers whose blogs and comments inspire me. Congrats! And thanks to all the other bloggers who awe me with their beautiful blogs.

Forest to Fuel

There was a charming rhythm in the way they walked. But in that pristine surroundings the sight of their day’s collection was a bit disturbing and disheartening. However, I should not forget that for me it was just my pleasure trip while for them it is their struggle for existence where they cannot afford sentiments towards Nature.

A few shots from one of remote hills of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.
1.Women, forest, firewood, Kodaikanal

2. Women, forest, firewood, Kodaikanal

3. Women, forest, firewood, Kodaikanal

4. Women, forest, firewood, Kodaikanal


(Warning: Concocted contents!)

Before you read on, watch this ad.

This happened at the clinic. I couldn’t believe I was looking at the very same lady featured in the given ad.

She looked worn out. The already size-zero figure had been reduced to some subzero size. What might have happened to the euphoric girl there? Somebody cast an evil eye on the happy family? I admit I had felt a bit green, but evil eye… no, never!

I was curious. I created an opportunity to talk to her while we were waiting for our turn. And what she told me was discomfiting, sort of.

This is the dismal side of my life these days as opposed to what you see in that ad.

When I opted for an easy clean paint for our apartment I had only one squeaky-clean intention: to safeguard the walls from the onslaught of a hyperactive father and son. The walls constantly exposed to their activities had been slightly shabby with the graffiti, murals and pardonable splashy games.

But with me around, they tried to be nice. Sometimes I felt sorry to see them restrain from their favourite games in my austere presence. So I approached the retailer in the hope of a permanent solution. The attempt was fruitful, or that was the impression I had, soon after the painting. And in the ad, you see what happened on the very first day we moved in after the paint was dry.

That was perhaps the last of my happy days. Sad that our loved ones often take our connivances for granted. What followed were dreadful scenes reminiscent of pandemonium.

Being a person as good as my word, I could not break my offer to be indulgent. As a result the games became more and more impish and unpredictable– splashy, squeezy, sprayey, what not! Without a break I have to keep on my heels cleaning the coffee stains, sprayed colours, drawings and all the possible techniques they could think of to mar the poor walls. Things get out of hand when they miss the wall and end up soiling my expensive carpet or wall hangings, which do not come under the cover of easy-clean technique.

Splashing his daily glass of milk on the wall is my son’s favourite game. He too has grown thin (like me) and become calcium-deprived. See, he fractured his hand yesterday.

The paint is darned-good. Of course cleaning has become easy, but at the cost of my leisure, my peace and my life!

Hazards of not blogging


There is one golden rule for bloggers: If we blog we ARE!
So of late have I BEEN or not?

After that inevitable break I realized I was slowly getting adjusted to not blogging. As a result I met with a lot of losses. Here are the confessions of a lazy blogger:
1. The email notification to this post must have raised the eyebrows of my dear readers – “Come on, what now, after such a long gap?” My fellow bloggers might have almost forgotten me. (But glad that you haven’t.) Anyway, the excuse of being busy is no more valid.
2. The guilty feeling of neglecting my humble blog had been haunting me all the way.
3. I can’t make up my mind what to post, although a few drafts have long been waiting. Also, writer’s block pesters me too much.
4. My dashboard often turns a cold shoulder to me and I face difficulties logging in too.
5. At times I even forget my password!
6. These days my site status hits all-time lows.
7. I missed many of the wonderful posts out there in the blogosphere.
8. Instead of utilizing my spare time to process my next post, I squander it worrying.
9. I have put on weight as I have been cooking and of course eating more!
10. And thus I have to post a piece like this in my desperate attempt to return.
(I THINK SO)    😉