Caesar and My Tooth

[A true story, poignant enough to move even the toughest.]

Caesar and Tooth – both were acclaimed for their ‘true-fix’d and resting quality’ (as ‘constant as the northern star’ would be a befitting simile). They firmly believed ‘the things that threaten’ them shall vanish when their faces are seen (Titanic syndrome).

When trouble started brewing, heavens did ‘blaze forth’, foreboding the concerned parties. The augurers and well-wishers urged them to heed the unnatural incidents. Nonetheless they comforted themselves uttering, “Death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

Mrs. Caesar lamented, “Alas my lord, your wisdom is consumed in confidence”. My conscience alerted Tooth, “Your wisdom(-tooth) will be consumed by your confidence.” And this is how the story went on.

An assortment of conquests, glories and triumphs were there to the credit of Caesar and to that of Tooth. Both had bravely prevailed over decades of decays, adversities, hostilities and assaults (from within and without) without any sort of weariness or grudge. How many hard nuts they had crushed down to paste!

History repeats – how true! Honourable Chips was always Tooth’s dear, trusted friend. Nobody ever suspected the integrity of that friendship.

The conspiring Sweets took Chips into confidence and made him believe the unattested stories they had cooked up against Tooth. No wonder Chips decided to join hands with them in the conspiracy to finish him off. Tooth was lured into it with the offer of a ‘crown’(which he had refused thrice!). Poor Tooth, he was not informed that the price he should pay for the crown was his own roots! What a Machiavellian ploy!

On that cursed day they stormed on my Tooth. Even when the Sweets almost stabbed him to death the great conqueror fought back with all his might.
And then it happened unawares– the ‘well-beloved’ Chips too followed suit! The bosom friend’s stab reduced him to a ‘bleeding piece’ of calcium and enamel. This act is oft referred to as the ‘most unkindest cut of all.’ Ingratitude quite vanquished him and he succumbed. What a fall!!

“Et tu Chipse’!”- these were his last words.

That happened ten years ago. And till date the enormous gap left behind by him remains VACANT! I can’t let an imposter take up his place – I have to prove my fidelity.
(Dedicated to the memory of my beloved Molar that had to be extracted after I rashly indulged in a week-long treat of sweets and banana chips during an Onam season!)

Picture courtesy: Subeka Ahmed (my student)


7 responses to “Caesar and My Tooth

  1. This is really a good comparison. Your writing skills are moving up!

  2. Nice post..Nice simile and it is wonderful that throughout the whole content,you made that simile more and more beautiful..(“Et tu Chipse’!”- these were his last words.), this is really funny..Those pictures contributed by Subekha are really superb and apt…Great going…:)

  3. I liked your comparisons, very much. Et tu Chipse for Et tu Brutus was my favourite. So you are not going to replace your tooth?

    • Hi aparnalovesdaisies,
      I think this is someone I know personally.
      Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your kind words. So happy to learn that you liked it.
      Replacing my tooth – should think about that before it is too late…:)

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