A Ten on Ten Vacation

How perfect everything seems to lovers when they are in the
process of hatching, dreaming, visualizing their life together, in the future!
Now I too am in such a stage, planning our summer vacation.

On schedule flights,  well-behaved kids, comfortable journey, approachable officers, perfect weather,  punctual and roomy trains, well-disposed rickshaw drivers, pleasant faces, good  pieces of news…. thus goes the list of ingredients for my 10 on 10 vacation.

As long as I am the director of my plans and everything is smooth and perfectly
timed.  And so itself, more than the real  vacation, I enjoy these days heralding it.

But when it comes to the implementation of our plans many  things may go wrong since we don’t hold the harness. Often I have to be a mere passenger in the vehicles driven by unknown hands that take us to unknown  destinations.

When others’ plans differ from mine, clashes and disappointments are likely. There, flights are delayed for unforeseen reasons, children hassle at the crucial moments, officers poke their nose into all silly details just to trouble us, weather turns hostile all on a sudden, trains are too congested, rickshaw drivers don’t hesitate to be effusive, people whine and tidings are sometimes unfavourable or distressing.

All I can do is, play my role in the best possible way. I leave the rest to that Omniscient Director. Even when I am bothered by these if’s, but’s, I fear’s, unfortunately’s, unexpectedly’s etc., I am optimistic, longing for a vacation that would rejuvenate me and leave behind only happy memories in me and in each and everyone I meet.

With this post I will be taking a break till the end of August. I shall miss all my dear readers. See you! Take care!


9 responses to “A Ten on Ten Vacation

  1. jahanishanathh

    Yes ma’am, you are right..In all cases, all our plans may not happen or implement in the same way in which we wish them to be implemented…Happy to know that you are planning to enjoy your summer vacation in our country…May God gift you and your family a memorable vacation with a lot of jocund memories to recollect always and to rejoice your life…We will miss you a lot…Happy Journey!! and I wish you a very happy and gleeful vacation…Take Care..:)

    • Thank you Ishanath. And what about your vacation? Spending here absorbing all the heat? Now and then that is good too. Have a great time, dear!

  2. Bindu – Enjoy your vacation! You have a good attitude about it all, which will help when things don’t go exactly as you have planned.

    May you return refreshed and renewed. See you in August!


    • Thank you Nancy! It was the one of my best vacations. Though some of the plans still remain plans there were many pleasant surprises which made the visit unforgettable!
      Shall be visiting everyone’s sites soon! Came back just today…

  3. Precisely how I approach vacation time……..I guess we need to tone down our expectations. Your blog content is really varied and interesting to read. I’ll come back once you are done with your holiday. Have fun with your family.
    A quick question: Where in the middle east are you based?

  4. Hey Bindu,
    Have a great vacation! Waiting to see some pictures 🙂

  5. Yay! Somebody’s back! Thanks for the greetings Bindu. I’m really looking forward to see some pictures from the vacation. 🙂

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