In Honour of the Tree

(‘If we could ask you a favour’ continued…)

Nature is at our disposal but not at our beck and call. The
people, especially the upcoming generation should realize this.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the ninth graders, this time we
presented a handful of programmes appealing the students to be more responsible towards nature.

Many of the students have already started taking care of the
tree after I had discussed with them the plight of the tree. Another teacher
decided to shift her special one hour morning class to another room, hoping to
cut down its misery.

We inaugurated the special assembly watering the tree. Well,
today with this symbolic deed, we were able to spread the message to the whole school, I hope.

Let the students know something more about the whereabouts
of the tree.

Hey, look at the tree – doesn’t it look happy, being the
centre of attraction?

The tenth graders donated a potted plant to the school –
another meaningful gesture from the students.

Every student had something to do this Environment Day. Each
one was asked to bring a green paper leaf with their name on it. And with those
600+ ‘girl leaves’ we created this tree. Paper leaves are no substitutes for
the real ones, we know. But this was meant to be symbolic of what we need to have, for our survival.

And furthermore, to add a little bit of green to my own world….

A few days ago I received a gift from one of our top scorers of the Board Examination. That was the greenest, coolest gift I have ever received.


12 responses to “In Honour of the Tree

  1. In Kerala we had a tradition like this. Whenever we cut a tree (It was only for making furniture or for house construction)we do some pooja and then ask the permission of the tree to be cut. And the great thing to do was to plant a young sapling where the original tree stood. But those days are gone.

    • We realize the real value of trees and plants only after they are lost or are away from us. Our eyes would long for something green.

  2. jahanishanathh

    Nice ma’am…I am really proud of our ninth and tenth graders as they took a lot of efforts to make “The World Environment day” more colorful in our school compound..:)..I am happy that you all inaugurated the special assembly watering our “Moringa”…And the idea that you all tried to make that tree with the leaves with our girls name on it, is amazing…I think, that was our school’s specialty on that auspicious day when compared to other schools..We girls missed that day…:(..And I am happy to know that our Shabnas gift added a little bit of green to your own world…:)

  3. I have a friend who went to Ireland and what she was struck by was how there are NO TREES.

  4. Wonderful post Bindu. If we don’t take care of Mother Earth, there will be nothing left for future generations. Your students are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher.


  5. This is a very “refreshing” post in every good way 🙂 A small step leads to a giant leap and I’m really happy to see yet again that somewhere on earth, people are taking the initiative!

  6. Love the paper tree! And love your blogs absolutely!

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