Needles, Threads and Nature

I love to embroider. Whenever I was in need of a design I just sifted through the motifs I had seen in that lush green world around me during my childhood. I have never had the perseverance to sew up time-consuming projects. Tracing pictures from books often seemed quite unexciting and so I was contented with a little flower or herb design which would be very original and thereby tangible – to me. When compared to the elaborate projects my mother did (on entire five-metre sarees), my attempts are of no much significance, but just something plain, simple and at times childlike/childish. 🙂 Check them out!

The embroidery on a short top. These blue flowers were found all over the place.

I love these pink-rose-white flowers which actually grow in bunches.

The short pants made for my elder one. The inspiration - the beautiful daisies in our garden.

The following are the nameless flowers which were there in our garden and in the surroundings.


The next three are the designs made on my onion-garlic-potato holder made using a battery-display stand (gift from a shopkeeper) and the canvas cloth of rice bag.

Wait! Once I did attempt something serious – a montage design.
It took me more than three weeks to complete this.

Now I feel I should once again fall in love with needles and threads, before my eyes fail me more.

10 responses to “Needles, Threads and Nature

  1. My grandmother taught me needlework when I was a girl; I still have one project that I completed. Thanks for sharing your work! 🙂

  2. Zabardast! (= Awesome!) I too love embroidery a lot. Did a little business once which was a great success but studies demanded more time! Do you like silk ribbon embroidery?
    Keep embroidering Bindu 🙂

    • Thank you, fruitforbidden. They are simple but very close to my heart.
      Now why don’t you resume your business? Hope your studies are over.
      You mean satin ribbon emb.? I have never tried it but would like to ( :)only if you would teach me how to).

  3. My business now is that of a mom who has a baby rampaging through the house! hehe.. and blogging is the only other thing I do! Hoping to get back to other good things soon! Silk ribbon emb is very easy and super interesting! you’d love it. I’ll find some good links and share them with you.
    plus, thanks for your feedback, it always makes me smile. 🙂

    • Parenting is a business that would keep you engaged almost 24 hrs, I know. But do come back soon to your other talents. Today I browsed through some of the sites and as you said I found it really interesting. I think it is easy and more attractive when compared to needlework. During the vacation I am planning some projects. Thank you so much for suggesting it. Glad to know I could make someone smile. Keep smiling 🙂

  4. jahanishanathh

    Mam, I read your new article about your embroidery work…And I liked your creations..especially the last one …It is looking awesome:) because of that different color combination…And from the article “Paradise Lost”, I understood that you are highly influenced by the natural beauty that you saw and enjoyed in your childhood….In this article also it shows…You made your embroidery creations taking images from your mind…..
    “Why can’t I try that?”..this is your attitude towards everything..and this is a very positive attitude:):..and as your student, I would like to appreciate you for that:)…Try to do more with your needles and thread taking beauteous images from your mind itself…and try to do an embroidery work in your own saree like your mother did…you can do that…May God bless and help you to do more with your needles and threads 🙂

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