Nothing Impossible. *Conditions Apply.

When did you recently become frustrated? Later did you try to dig out the reasons for that? 

There is nothing impossible – for people like Napoleon. Sky is the limit for them. But for ordinary human beings, with all sorts of limitations, a lot of conditions apply. It is always good to do some profound research into our own selves before we leap. That will save us from ending up frustrated.

Recently I came across a wonderful quote by Rabindranath Tagore. I think it answers many of my quests regarding the root causes of frustrations.

Everything comes to us that belongs to us, if we create the capacity to receive it.  

This is how I interpreted it. (I hope Tagore would excuse me if  I have misinterpreted or overstated his words.)

  1. Things will come to us (only) if they belong to us, (only) if we deserve them. If I aspire to be a singer without the inherent talent, I toil in vain. 
  2. We should do our best to fulfil our ambition. God helps those who help themselves. Desire – Hard work = Greed, Failure.
  3. Sometimes even after exerting ourselves we don’t immediately achieve what we dream of. Why? Man proposes, God disposes. God must not have approved of our dream. Have full faith in His plans which are always far-sighted. He has His own genuine reasons for providing or not providing us with something. Face up to it. However, what is delayed need not be denied. Patiently wait to seize the next chance.
  4. Finally when we attain our goal we should be ready to accept it and take it to the maximum possible heights. No looking back.


In more familiar words, don’t bite off more than you can chew. And once you have bitten it off, chew it properly, or else you will suffer from the worst kind of indigestion. If I commit myself to posting daily or weekly to my blog (though I really long to do that, like many of you), you would often have to frown at the blank days or weeks on my calendar. 

So, are your goals realistic and practical?

Are you fully willing to do your best to achieve them?

Will you be ready to change your tactics in case of initial failures?

If your answer is a big ‘YES’, don’t hesitate even for a minute.


Good luck!



8 responses to “Nothing Impossible. *Conditions Apply.

  1. I heard a good quote one time. “God’s delay does not mean God’s denial.” I keep reminding myself that if it seems like we’re waiting forever for an answer from God, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about us.

    This is a great post!

  2. “YES”…I have some goals and I will try my level best to achieve it….I will wait patiently until I achieve my dreams or goals{ even though I am not so patient}…In situations when my wish was not fulfilled , I became discouraged or sad or even angry….let me try my level best to face both failures and success in the same manner……I liked this small article with a lot of useful information….Thank you for gifting us such a wonderful article to fill our hearts with a lot of optimism…..

  3. Love the quote and the way you put it!
    It’s true that, as humans, there are a lot of things we are completely helpless on our own. God is the controller, channelizing things our way while redirecting others. We must, however, be ready to cope with all there is for us to accept. Looking at others with more hardships than ourselves help a great deal in thanking God for all he’s blessed us with!

  4. Thanks Mam for this good article.I too have my own dreams and goals. I will work hard to bring out my talents, identify them and develop them to reach great heights. Pls pray for me Mam.Plsssssssss

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