We are Sorry, Dear Dining Table…

 “All well-regulated families set apart an hour every morning for tea and bread and butter.”     – Joseph Addison

Ever since we started our life together we used to have our meals at the dining table. But after our latest toddler started exploring the magic world called the table top, we had to shift to the sofa with our plates. And that had been the practice for the last two years. I recently realized with shock that we were slowly getting deprived of the many little blessings of the family dining table.

Emotional disadvantages

  1. We could not see one another during our meals as our eyes were glued on to the TV.
  2. We missed the family discussions and there was no other occasion to listen to our elder daughter’s stories from school. Instead, we kept on commenting on the TV shows which have nothing to do with our lives.
  3. Whenever the kids talked or cried we felt disturbed.
  4. We could not teach them the proper table manners.
  5. Throughout the last two years our dining table lay in the corner, neglected.

Physical disadvantages

  1. Often we gobbled up food as we wanted to get the plates away and then come back to watch TV leisurely.
  2. During meals we had to shuttle between the hall and the kitchen (though the kitchen is not far away).
  3. Sometimes we ate more, and sometimes less.
  4. We often forgot to drink water after our meals.
  5. The sofa pullover had to be washed almost every week.

So, dear Dining Table,

We are turning to you, once again, after a fatal gap of two years. Though there is no way to have our ‘morning tea and bread and butter’ with you, we promise to join you for lunch and supper. Penance shall be done for being callous to you all these days. I know you are benevolent enough to forgive us, as you always had been.

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” – Anthony Brandt

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”                     – George Bernard Shaw

We too want Heaven – here, now!

10 responses to “We are Sorry, Dear Dining Table…

  1. Aw, I love the letter to your dining table. I’m sure it misses you greatly!

  2. u said the truth maam . I too do the same .. doing 2 activities at once (watching TV and eating ).Your table is too lucky. Return to him- he is waiting for your familiy’s company. Nice post .. all the best 🙂

  3. There’s nothing wrong in multitasking – if you could do both of them well. But I feel it is better to be away from TV at least when you are having food. Instead, listen to the stories from your parents and sister. Look at their faces. Try it, just for a change. Thank you dear, for stopping by…

  4. Teacher, it is nice….I liked your writing especially your words to the dining table. When I started reading this, I did not think about such an ending. What you wrote is completely right. I liked that ending the most in this creation.
    You are self motivated …keep on writing (hahaha I just acted as u, teacher)

    • I liked that – the way you imitated me – and, above all your appreciation. I am waiting to read your articles. Keep on writing even if nobody is asking you to – just for your own sake.

  5. fredibakercoaches

    Savor that sweet time at your table – children have a way of growing up in the blink of an eye. Congrats on your realization and commitment to change… inspiring!

  6. Dining Table is always a place for togetherness. We do not have a TV in our dining room. TV does’nt allow us to see each other or even what we eat.

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