Notebook or Art Book?

I usually wind up my advice sessions in class with this point, “These are merely suggestions. You need not limit yourselves within the lines I have drawn. Feel free, go to any extend to express your creativity – and that’s what I ultimately expect from you.” Majority of them happily follow just what I say. I call them good, obedient students. Many of them dare to be innovative. They are excellent students.

But geniuses incarnate rarely. Last year I got such a student (glad to have her with me this year too) – an avid reader and a gifted artist who thinks out of the box.

What makes her notebook stand out is her ability to artistically represent what she visualizes out of the lessons. Almost the whole lesson will be there in pictures and captions. If it is a poem, literally each and every image will come alive in her unique style of drawing. Each time she gave me her book for correction she offered me an intellectual, visual treat.

Take a look at these illustrations.

This is how she began.

A lot of details about the authors are collected and included.

This is how she illustrated the classic poem by Tennyson – ‘The Brook.’ Have a closer look at the details and you can see that she has included even the minute points from the poem.

Song of the Rain by Khalil Gibran

Anyone who has read Wordsworth’s ‘Solitary Reaper’ would not need any more explanations here. What attracted me is her imagination to make the three singers stand on the victory stand, giving the first position to the reaper.

Finally this is one of my favourites – Pam Ayres’ ‘Oh I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth.’

These are the original creations of a 14-year-old girl born into an ordinary family. Are the parents fully aware of potentials of this prodigy? I am not sure. Anyway these days they are seriously thinking about her higher studies – she aspires to be a doctor. May God help her and all the deserving students like her.

14 responses to “Notebook or Art Book?

  1. A great genius in the making.

  2. She is really a genius.. God bless.. Thank you Sonia..

  3. Yes, teacher you are right. Subekha is such a wonderful student. We were astonished by her abilities. She will be always thankful to you because you gave her opportunities to bring out her talents.I think our school is very lucky to have subekha there. And you are also lucky to have such a student and she is very very lucky to have you as her teacher one more year……..

  4. I have always been lucky to get sincere and dedicated students(from the last batch the one worth mentioning is you, Ishanath.) There were excellent artists like Farzana. There are so many others who have been so hardworking. For me each of them is special in some way or the other. Proud of you dear (as you could appreciate the abilities of another student)!

  5. Lovely! I can identify well with the girl.. I too used to have notebooks full of illustrations. With the back side full of doodles and scribblings. Love your advice. 🙂

  6. Thank you for reading and for that comment.

  7. Yes teacher, you are right. I think these are wonderful creations by Subekha. No words to decribe her!

  8. Thank you, Ramla, for stopping by. You know Subeka well. And these just a few of her creations. This year I am looking forward for more.

  9. Proud to be her classmate. She is undoubtedly amazing and I dont think “genius” would be enough to describe her. She is great model for all of us. Her creations, imagination, write-ups and every single artwork includes much to study. I am thankful to God to have a friend like Subekha with me. Thanks Ma’m, really interesting. All the best for Subekha. May God bless her and help her reach great heights.

    • Happy that you are appreciating the talents of a classmate. That’s really a rare quality. As I have mentioned in one of my comments here, I have students (like you 🙂 ) with many wonderful abilities. But Subeka’s artistic talents are one of a kind.

  10. What a wonderful teacher you are Bindu! The idea that you let the students do the assignments in the way they express themselves best is fantastic. I wish I had a teacher say that to me! We had to do things exactly as the teacher laid them out.
    But you let the students use their creativity to complete the assignments! How wonderful! The student who is expressing her work through drawing is an excellent artist. Wow. You sure can tell she absorbed her reading by looking at her renderings.
    Great post, Bindu!

    • Thank you, Judy for your sweet words and for the appreciation. I am sure you are a much better teacher than me.
      I believe teachers only need to give the basic ideas and a rough outline. When it comes to writing/creating something leave it all to their innovative thinking. What if they have better ideas than the teacher? Often many of them do have. Afterall in creativity there are no hard and fast rules, right? Glad that you found this post. 🙂

  11. What lovely art work.

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