Today Nagging Worked – So Fast

I never keep buckets filled up with water. Reason – I am worried about my little mermaid. But two days back I had to fill up the huge bucket in the toilet after the water supply was disrupted for a whole day.

Since then one great fear had been bothering me day and night- what if she gets in while we are not noticing? The toilet had no lock on the outside. I started pestering my husband pouring out all my fears. Usually he keeps my requests in the freezer at least for a week. He kept on pacifying me saying: You are simply thinking too much; your worries are unfounded.

Surprisingly today (right on the second day of nagging, for the first time) he came home with a lock and he fitted it without even waiting for another day.

You know why?

The shocking news had reached his ears in the morning that the only daughter of Chithra – the most popular and adored playback singer of Kerala (India) – drowned in the swimming pool.

I got my job done.


A lock on my bathroom door is all I could do. I entrust God with the rest. God save our little ones!

8 responses to “Today Nagging Worked – So Fast

  1. A parent’s worries are endless. But they worry for the right reasons. 🙂

  2. It’s an interesting dance, the one between husband and wife, when it comes to decisions regarding our little ones…good job prevailing. 🙂

  3. In this writing, I can see fears and worries of parents, especially mothers about their little ones.My nephew is only 3.My sister always worries about him. You are also worried about your little daughter.God loves little ones the most because they are innocent……then GOD will save them…..don’t worry teacher.
    May God give strength to our nightingale to bear everything….Let us pray for her

  4. lol.. that husband wife part is so ubiquitous! That he keeps your request in the freezer. What are those red pills in the photo? I have an year old son and well.. I recently had to stick a lock on the fridge 😛

    • Glad to have a new reader.
      The red ones are not pills, but the seeds of a plant. We call it ‘manchadi’ – the red bead tree. Children love playing with them. I just added it as a symbolic picture – let our cute little ones be safe in the hands of Almighty.
      Thank you for reading.

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