I Shall Do That for My Students

I should teach better – that is it. For the past few days I have been thinking about the new methods and techniques I should adopt for the betterment of my students. Although about to round off a decade in teaching profession, I have no plans to settle down contented with the experiences of the decade.

Many of the methods that I mastered in the beginning of my teaching career have become irrelevant or outdated. The students who I teach today were born into the technologically advanced days. They are more proficient than we teachers in many aspects. But there are a few qualities that students expect from teachers irrespective of the age in which they live – the qualities that stand the test of time.

I respect all my teachers for what they have done for me. But just a few of them are adored – for the seemingly simple things they did for me.  

[I am immensely grateful to the following teachers of mine:

Mrs Annie, for the chance she ONCE gave me to run errands for her while I was in grade two!

Mrs Shobana, for the positive comments she ONCE made on my exam paper!

Prof. E. John Mathew, for the effort he took ONCE to comment on the good features of my essays!

Mr. Ramankutty, for appreciating my answers in front of a batch of aspiring journalism students!]

A personal touch matters a lot in any relationship. So why not bring that into the student-teacher relationship too?

All good teachers are not favourite teachers. And all favourite teachers need not be good teachers (considering the quality of teaching). My dream is to be both to my students.

Tomorrow onwards I will have to teach two large classes – class ten and nine with thirty-five and forty-five students respectively. Personal attention to each one of those eighty students – is that feasible? I take up the challenge – cheerfully!

10 responses to “I Shall Do That for My Students

  1. I love that you are still looking for ways to improve your teaching. And I can’t believe your class sizes are so large! I admire you, and you inspire me to want to show more attention to each of my students in my 26-28 student classes.

  2. new method of teaching will not only reduce students burden of learning but also make them learning an easy task and interesting … all the best 4 that..

  3. Dear Bindu,
    Your students are really lucky!!

  4. A teacher and a learner simultaneously, that make a good teacher.

  5. Teaching 80 students giving attention and care to each of them is a difficult task…but you took it as a challenge..that is the real courage. May God bless and help you to do it.
    Teacher, you are our good and favourite teacher. We will remember you always like you remember some of your former teachers.Because you loved, cared, taught, motivated , and did many good things for us…

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