It was one of those busiest days. Too many teachers on leave, and those many substitutions to be made; above all the school was to close in two days for Hajj vacation – and I was completely tied up.

After the first five periods with my nose kept to the grindstone, I was to attend grade ten. Without any breakfast I was starving – worsened by my rigorous morning workout. By the time I could ‘hang the dead albatross round the mariner’s neck’ (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner), I was tired out and almost ready to collapse any moment.

The harsh reality that the following period too I should again struggle with a dull story for grade nine really distressed me. Going to the canteen for some refreshment would make me late to class. After the period I made up my mind to have at least a glass of water from my room.

As I greedily grabbed the bottle I heard a knock at the door. ‘Come in!’

It was my colleague. She had something with her wrapped in tissues. I asked, ‘Yes teacher, what’s that?’

‘Hey dear, here’s some pizza. It’s hot and fresh. Come on, have it now itself.’

‘I should. Thank you.’

That might be the most sincere thanks I ever expressed – straight from my heart.

What more should I say about the One who is always there with me in my dire needs!!


2 responses to “Succour

  1. Oh teacher, without breakfast you came on that day .And even though you were tired in that period, you taught us without showing any tiredness and without boring us…..teacher I will say an INFINITE times that ” thank you teacher…you are great”…I don’t know why my heart is grieving too much when I read this. I am also thanking that teacher who offered you that hot pizza.

  2. Your comment brought tears into my eyes… So happy to hear it from a student who attended my class that day…

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